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A stroll through the World of Fine Leather Goods with Vignes and its leathers from afar

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By Estelle Arielle Bouchet

A stroll through the World of Fine Leather Goods with Vignes

Vignes invites you on a journey, a journey through a universe where Precious Skins, Expertise, Creativity and Excellence are drawn together to fashion original and colourful refinement in true French style.

Vignes has a traditional workshop in the centre of Nice where fine leather goods are painstakingly put together under the direction of Bertrand Vignes, a craftsman who learnt his trade with the great names in the business. Vignes, with its bags, small leather items, Ipad and Iphone covers, belts and jewellery, knows how to add on eccentric twist whilst working colours and materials with subtlety and measure, like an alchemist insatiably seeking new aesthetic codes and unusual, unexpected palettes.

Vignes is synonymous with a modular Bag that springs many a surprise, changing its mood in the blink of an eye, as if by a magic, by changing the colour of its handles or shoulder strap…

 Vignes is a way of Being, another way of experiencing Luxury – with humour and elegance. Vignes creates bags that stand out in the crowd thanks to a small leather label at the end of a chrome chain, like a lucky charm.

Vignes has an emblematic colour on its velvety inners: the amethyst of Meditation. Sublime Collections offer countless variations that gleefully and playfully adapt to match every season and every outfit.

Precious Skins, Leathers of Ostrich, Crocodile, Python and Iguana from Java, small items in Shagreen, extraordinary necklaces of Shagreen beads designed by Creative Director Anne Vignes.

Vignes as a signature evokes Life, a sublime and colourful World beyond trends and geographical borders.

Vignes is a breath of fresh air, a spirited interpretation of Travel and Discovery, the fun and joyful spirit of childhood dreams…

Hand Made & Made in France. Bertrand Vignes perpetuates the tradition of Fine French Crafted Leather with his wife Anne, who oversees Design for the House of Vignes with artistry and intelligence.

Vignes is the place to be in 2013: at the Shop on Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris and at Atelier Vignes in Nice to witness the knowhow of outstanding crafted leather.

For any special request please send an email to contactweb@vignes-creations.com
To know more about Vignes, visit www.vignes-creations.com


Atelier and shop
13, Rue Bavastro
06300 Nice
Tél, Fax: +33.4 93 89 16 70

9, Rue Henri Seillon
83990 Saint-Tropez
Tél, Fax: +33.4 94 56 20 03

188, Boulevard St Germain 75007 Paris
Tél, Fax: +33.1 45 44 47 90

The main Office for orders is in Nice

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