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India – Aadyam Returns to India Design ID 2020 with New Handwoven Designs

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Aadyam Handwoven, the corporate social initiative of the Aditya Birla Group, will be participating again at the upcoming India Design ID 2020 fair scheduled from 13-16 February 2020, at Okhla NSIC Grounds, New Delhi. The Aadyam booth will highlight their new specially woven designs by weavers from Varanasi, Pochampally and Bhuj.

The need for support to tackle the desperate condition of the Indian weaver communities has been the war-cry for some time. That a corporate house like the Aditya Birla Group has come forward to provide this much needed succor, is commendable. Aadyam  is their initiative to support India’s heritage by preserving age-old weaving techniques. Under this program, the team at Aadyam works closely with three of the weaver communities in India, from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, Pochampalli in Andhra Pradesh and Bhuj in Gujarat. The weavers are aided in creating newer more contemporary designs, using the same age-old weaving techniques passed down the generations. Aadyam fronts the sale of the products, interpreting them to suit the aesthetics of urban users. across a product range of home furnishing, stoles, in pure silk, cottons or blends. The result is truly magical with the stoles made of a blend of merino wool, cotton, or silk and cotton.

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