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Italy – Augmented reality for Ace sneakers on Gucci App

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The Gucci App introduces a pioneering augmented reality technology that allows customers to virtually “try on” its Ace sneakers, a mainstay of the House’s collections. Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s unique ability of combing the past with the contemporary, vintage and technology is at the base of this new project.The technology will allow Gucci to present the newest models to its fans, provide an engaging experience and an opportunity to interact with upcoming shoe collections that are only scheduled for release. Wannaby, Gucci’s technology partner for this launch, has recently released the most precise and accurate shoe AR Try-on technology that was acknowledged by industry leaders and AR professionals all over the world.

The Ace sneaker, with its ever-changing decorations, has become a canvas for Gucci through which to demonstrate its delight in creative decoration and embellishment. As such it is also the ideal vehicle through which customers can express their own personalities. The House thus reinterprets the Ace regularly, encouraging people to choose between multiple playful versions, each a powerful emblem of character and personality.

gucci1gucci1Now, the Gucci App unveils new functionality that enables users to explore what different models of Ace sneakers might look like to wear, through augmented reality. People can pick the Ace sneakers of their choice on screen, point their mobile device’s camera at their feet and virtually “try-on” the selected pair. The technology – available only on iOS – allows Gucci to present the newest models of the Ace to its customers all over the world and provide an engaging experience for them. Linked to the gucci.com website, customers can immediately purchase the Ace sneakers of their choice.Customers are also able to take photos of themselves “wearing” their favourite Ace models and share these on social media platforms. There are also special stickers and wallpapers on the Gucci App to support the project and to let users customize their devices.

Belarus – based startup Wannaby is looking to address the pain points of the shopper discovery phase with its new augmented reality technology. In January 2019 the team launched an AR try-on sneakers app – Wanna Kicks. Already, in the first days into the official release, the project scored more than 500K organic users who fell in love with the new technologies and sneakers.

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