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Bringing the Sheen Back to Filigree

It seems a wonder that something as beautiful as a Filigree object d’ art or jewelry should have faded from the collective psyche of the connoisseurs. It is a rare craft,honed and refined for millennia by a tribe of craftsman, who generations after generation have been doing nothing else but just this. The outcome is this beautiful dancing peacock, every single feather of its tail detailed in delicate silver wires of different thickness, curled and twisted in perfect symmetry, the wings and torso, the long neck covered in a lattice of leaves, floral motifs. This heirloom may belie its age, for it is not from the collection of a Royal of yore. This work of fine craftsmanship is from Anahata’s eclectic filigree offerings.


In a bid to revive the ancient heritage and its keepers, the craftsman, Anahata has brought the spot light back on filigree. Positioned as an ubér luxury brand,Anahata is bringing back the excellence in design and finish, so that the end product is of the same standard and beauty as that which was once coveted by kings and Nizams. For instance the Silver and Gold Ladies Clutch, with its expansive latticework, took 112 hours to finish. Two master artisans worked relentlessly to create this beautiful design and lace in silver and gold.


Less than a century ago, silver filigree masterpieces were an integral component of beautiful weddings, where exquisite filigree jewelry boxes were as precious and coveted as its contents, and an essential to the bridal trousseau. A suitably elegant and symbolic gift to the new couple would be a beautiful silver ship, with its delicate sails all aflutter, held aloft by swans, from Anahata’s GRHA – Artifacts Collection.


While Anahata is taking care to revive the ancient design heritage and support the declining number of artisans, the brand is also working closely with the silversmiths to introduce newer designs and products that would carry forth within them the DNA of its heritage.Anahata brings to the world Silver Filigree Art at its purest and most ancient form.

Mrs Ragini Kiran Grandhi is the visionary and driving force behind Anahata filigree art. She has envisioned Anahata as a bespoke, international luxury artisanal brand, where the buyer has the latitude to customize a certain piece. She is attempting to revive and preserve the filigree silversmith communities, who are on the verge of going extinct. A mere 100 craftsman of pure filigree are available today. Ragini understands that without  patronage, the crafts will die. The commercial viability essential, to generate enough livelihood for the artisans to keep the next generation into training as well, without missing out on a formal education.


As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, Ragini Grandhi is well read and a globe trotter. This gives her the understanding about what it takes to create appeal for Anahata, and as a result, help out with her social initiative in supporting the artisans.  Even as the brand Anahata readies for a formal launch at the Vogue Wedding Show at Taj Palace, the exclusive masterpieces in exquisite lace metal technique are already coveted by those such as Nita Ambani.


Anahata’s filigree requires deft skilled hands for the kneading, twining and melding of precious metals to create extraordinary works of art. These are products of long hours of meticulous work by dedicated hands.The range has been segregated under five categories,  DEVA – The Divinity Collection, EKA – The Heirloom Collection, GRHA – Artifacts Collection, SAMUHA – The Corporate Collection, VIVAHA – The Wedding Collection, giving the option to acquire a gift for every occation. Each of the pieces is made using silver of 92.5% purity. The one-of-kind filigree objects illustrate the beauty of the art cherished by ancient India.


Anahata’s vision is to commit itself for the promotion of filigree. As its founder and owner, RaginiGrandhi envisions a bright future for the art and the artisan community. It intends to set up collaborative production units with artisans and provide  global marketing support.

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