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India –6th Annual Taj Black Tie Charity Ball celebrates Heroes in Uniform

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taj-new-delhiIt is laudable that Taj Palace, New Delhi honors and celebrates our valiant soldiers with a classy event annually. In resonance with Tata’s philosophy of commitment to human values, it is indeed a welcome platform where the elite of Delhi get to pay homage to the spirit of eternal patriotism of the heroes of the armed forces.The 6th annualTaj Black Tie Charity Ballwas started in September 2011 and has become a signature event in the calendar of Delhi’s upper crest. The proceeds from the participants of this sit-down-dinner eveninggo to the Taj Public Service Welfare Trust to effectively address the cause and administer the funds in the most transparent manner. The 6th Taj Black Tie Charity Ballalso encourages the consent to pledge your support, by bringing it into the public domain of awareness and assistance, towards the real life heroes and is not only focused towards monetary contributions in helping our soldiers who are giving up their lives every day on our borders.


The event received great patronage from the corporate and social circles coming together to support to the noble cause and raising funds for the unsung heroes of the war. The evening unfolded with a champagne reception over a performance from the Armed Forces band that set the mood for perfect soiree over drinks. This was followed by a delectable five course silver sit down crafted by the talented executive chef Rajesh Wadhwa. The fine dining was accompanied by live acoustics froma crooner and pianist in attendance. An exquisite/ breathtaking performance Natya Vriksha Dance Company –meets Western Classical, Country’s best Jazz Concert Musical performance by MARKABA – Contemporary Jazz Concert enlivened the evening furthermore. The evening culminated with a treat at cognac and cigar lounge.


Mr. Gaurav Pokhriyal, General Manager, Taj Palace Hotel says “The evening has been founded around the concept of contributing meaningfully through opportunities provided to the families or by addressing the soldiers’ needs in more than financial terms. It is a platform that brings together the capital’s crème de la crème to give recognition to the soldiers who have made sacrifices and fought valiantly to safeguard our nation. The Taj Black Tie Charity Ball is a platform to create public awareness and provide an opportunity for contribution and support to our Men and Women in uniform.”


From 2011 until date, the Taj Black Tie Charity Ball has raised proceeds to the amount of Rs. 1,48,65,396/-. We have till date disbursed Rs. 1,08,84900/- and the balance of Rs. 39,80,496/- is in the process of being utilized this year. The amounts have been disbursed to the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centres in Mohali, Chandigarh as well as Kirkee, Pune. The causes range from education support, setting up of microenterprises, donating funds to procure modified scooters to travel, purchasing insurance policy, laptops and computers for the jawans and their families.

taj-palace-welfare-trustThe Taj Public Service Welfare Trust which was set up to respond to man-made or natural disasters has been instrumental in providing aid and complete rehabilitation in the recent past, to victims of the Ladakh floods, the Bihar floods and the Uttrakhand disaster, in addition to several other initiatives.  One key cause this Trust supports is – our martyrs – the Men and Women of our Armed Forces who lay down their lives for the Nation. The supreme sacrifice made by our armed force personnel to keep us secure and the plight of their families who are coping with the aftermath of their tragic loss, hardly gets noticed. Taj Black Tie Charity Ball, in its fifth year aims to support their families by assisting them in attaining economic independence and a better future, as a salute to what they have sacrificed for our future.

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