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India – Aranyani’s preview of latest collection at The Oberoi, New Delhi gets rave reviews

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aranyni forest flameThe time has come for the emergence of a true blue luxury brand out of India, and Aranyani appears to have taken the lead. At the recent preview on October 3-4, 2019, Aranyani set up a spectacular display at the Courtyard, Oberoi, New Delhi. The Courtyard’s beautiful green wall, the fragrant Frangipani trees, the marble fountain, resonated with the theme of Aranyani’s nature inspired bags from the Forest Flame, Fragrant Trails, Stone Drop, Aravali collection, propped up on ivory hued folded paper stands. The setting also gave the opportunity to scrutinize the finish and workmanship of the bags in natural light, which was impeccable. Haresh Mirpuri, Founder of Aranyani, who was present at the venue, pointed out that Aranyani bags bear well to harsh sunshine and even moisture, made as they are of finest leathers. The connoisseurs and purveyors of luxury who attended the event, all lauded the new shift in sensibility at Aranyani. The success of the two-day event was evident in the fact that the first of the visitors and buyers were already there in the first hour of opening.The team from Aranyani was present at the preview, for personal interactions.

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For long India has been the inspiration for European luxury brands like Hermes, Canali, Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Alexander McQueen etc, which have leveraged the Indian crafts, silhouettes, historical references for their designs and even set up sourcing and manufacturing in India. However, surprisingly there is no luxury label out of India. Some of the high-end local brands, despite their heritage of manufacturing and access to the craftsman, have failed in their branding strategy to earn the right recognition globally or within the country. Brands like Hidesign tried and failed to get there, despite a brief collaboration with LVMH. Some other brands like Da Milano have resorted to faking as foreign labels to leverage local recognition.

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Haresh Mirpuri has taken cognizance of this hurdle and made the right moves for Aranyani. He understands that luxury branding is a highly nuanced exercise, which has to be undertaken slowly and carefully. There is no room to rush in for quick returns on investment and pack in the crowds. To accomplish this vision, he has brought together a team of high profile professionals who are providing Aranyani with production guidance, design, and execution of a global strategy. The journey has just begun and the Luxury Chronicle will be watching closely and updating its readers.

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