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pat-duckworthTitle:  Hot Women Rock – How to Discover your Midlife Entrepreneurial Mojo
Genre: Self Help
Author: Pat Duckworth
Publisher: HWCS Publication, England
Pages: 159

Book Review by Dr Indu Anand

The bold letters of the title of the book, Hot Women Rock, are slightly misleading at first glance, but there are not many books out there for the women who are coping with hot flashes as they set out to chart new careers. I write the review of Pat Duckworth’s book withfaith in its significance and value. I had floated a pilot project on entrepreneurship for women and the satisfaction I got, reverberates in my mind as I review this book.

Pat Duckworth’s book is an innovative,thoughtful, and challenging contribution to the mid-life entrepreneur. It explores several different aspects of midlife and its magical influences. According to the Author, menopausal women indu-anand-pat-duckworthare usually inflicted by  unhelpful and limiting beliefs like ‘I am too old’, ‘It’s too late in life’ ,’I don’t have the skills I need’ .’If I ask for help other people will think I am weak’, ‘I will be a failure’etc. She is spot on, and I can identify with this, as can several of my friends who have launched ventures in their sunset years.

This excerpt from the book hugely inspired me, “There are many facets to your identity – think of yourself as a beautiful diamond with many facets that make a whole of you.” Further, she exhorts the entrepreneur with the point, “..reveal your identity which can enable a mid-life women in building up herself. It’s never too late, I can learn, I can ask for help if I need. There is no failure, there is only feedback.“

This book is a rare gem. Pat Duckworth brings her skills as a therapist to help the reader. At the end of each of the eight chapters in Part 1, she has an exercise with questions that make the reader understand their issues. The latter half of the book in Part 2, she has shared case studies of women who overcame the odds to make their mark.

The quotes from powerful women like Golda Meyer, Hillary Clinton dot the book. As a therapist with years of experience, she tackles the belief system of the individual, in Chapter 5. Pat examines in depth the beliefs that provide support or inhibit ones capabilities and behavior. She addresses the source of these beliefs, where beliefs come from, i.e. parents and family, teachers, friends, society, religion, books and other media. 

Indeed, we take major decisions in life guided by our belief system. I wish I had met her or read her book when I was 50 plus. I am now a senior citizen in my 60s and finding my mojo, for which I am indebted to Pats book. This bookis a great resource, which I constantly refer to when I lecture on economic empowerment of midlife women.

The Author lives in England and has written about her experiences there, but it would be very useful to convey this message to our women in rural areas.

Dr Indu Anand is a Fulbright Scholar, recipient of Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship and was the Principal of Janaki Devi College, a premier women’s college of university of Delhi for more than a decade. She is the author of a coffee table book, ‘Akbar the Aesthete’. She is the recipient of many awards, such as Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, 1995, MahilaShiromani Award, 1996, Dr. RadhaKrishnan Memorial Award in 2006, Chief Minister Best Rainwater Harvester Award 2007, Women Achievement in 2008, Amity Women Achiever Award in 2010, Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 and 2012.

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