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UK – Reinventing two icons with launch of the Burberry Scarf Bar and the Trench Coat

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What does an iconic brand such as Burberry, the global British luxury brand do to reinvent itself and yet retain its core identity? Not easy to answer that, but this Fall, Burberry has attempted to celebrate and reinvent two icons, the cashmere scarf and the trench coat.

The exciting new launch of the Burberry Scarf Bar is a celebration of the brand’s iconic cashmere scarves, crafted using the finest materials and techniques in a 200 year old mill in Scotland, Elgin. Launching in key stores globally, it offers customers an expanded range of classic and lightweight cashmere designs in a new range of colours and prints as well as a variety of thread colours for monogramming. Customers canchoose to create their own Burberry scarf exactly the way they want it, for the first time. The Burberry Scarf Bar, in-store and online, features a selection of over 30 colours, in classic and lightweight cashmere, including the iconic heritage shades – Camel, Stone, Charcoal, Navy and Parade Red. The Burberry Scarf Bar elevates the iconic Scarf with a truly personalized experience.

In addition to The Scarf Bar, this September Burberry is also introducing the Heritage collection of Trench coats in two new colourways. The Trench coat remains the most iconic product of the brand and this season it gets two new colours in the Heritage Collection making them classic.

Made in England and originally created to protect officers from wind and rain, the Burberry trench coat has evolved over 100 years to become an icon, representing timeless British style and design innovation. Named after the trenches where military personnel were stationed, the coat has a rich and vivid history. At the heart of the Burberry trench coat story is the tightly woven cloth that sets it apart from all others. Invented by Thomas Burberry in 1879, gabardine revolutionized rainwear. It would be a great story if we can highlight how Burberry is innovating itself and focusing on British made icons.

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