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By Meher Castelino


One of the most beautiful necklace designs is probably the choker which gets its name from the way it winds itself high around the neck. But here is a style that can play havoc with the way a lady looks when she is wearing a choker, since the only important requirement is a long slender neck that will add to the beauty of this piece of jewellery. This ornament is absolutely taboo for ladies whose necks do not resemble the one of a swan.

But for jewellers in India as well as around the world the choker is presented in myriad designs. At the India International Jewellery Week held in New Delhi in April 2013, top jewellery brands vied with each other to lure women into their stores with the most gorgeous choker designs which they displayed at the shows. From traditional designs to the more Avant Garde ones, the chokers were the cynosure of all eyes as the models glided down the ramp with their necks glittering with the most opulent pieces.

Gitanjali Group

Gitanjali Group

Here was a design that dazzled in all its glory set in a finely created almost mesh like form with matching earrings. The tiny diamonds set in a lace like bed of precious gold were the highlight of the piece.



Resting just at the neck, this magnificent piece encrusted with diamonds and pear shaped rubies set in white gold was a clever mix of traditional and modern aesthetics. The matching earrings completed the look of this regal set that will make a show stopping entry.


hazoorilalThis amazingly crafted choker-cum-Raani Haar will be a scene stealer anywhere. The three rows of giant polkis form the basis of this chocker as they flow down the shoulders in a trellised design with giant solitaires adding to its grandeur. The matching Maang Tikka and earrings made this set something that women only dream of.

hazoorilalThis choker cum bib necklace with the most amazing uncut diamonds edged with South Sea pearls and ending in an imposing pendant will leave experts speechless with its sheer magnificent beauty. With or without the matching earrings; this piece of jewellery made a great fashion statement.

Call it a choker or a collar, either way this intricately crafted creation in diamonds with a solitary square emerald to highlight it can make news anywhere in the world.

Let pure yellow gold speak its glittering language for a choker edged with conjoining gold shields and sprinkled with tiny rubies and emeralds. Here was a piece of jewellery that revived the eras of beauty long gone by.


R K Jwellers

r k jewellers

Sensational is how this choker can be described with its perfect melangé of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and South Sea pearls edging the piece. Intricately crafted in a traditional design, the long shoulder dusters were an ideal addition to complete the look.

Jud Jewellery

This all gold choker, which flowed into a traditional style Raani Haar, had all the intricate detailing, making it a visual stunner. The double tiered long earrings matched the choker’s intense design and the set was an ideal offering to a starry eyed bride.

Kays Jewels

Opulent with a closely crafted design that had polkis, rubies and a solitary giant South Sea pearl in the centre, this choker makes an ideal timeless family heirloom that will be treasured by generations. The matching Raani Haar and earrings will make this a formidable trio in any jewel box.

Charu Jewels

Here was a very innovative choker design that revealed a more western influence as strands of gold were cornered with tiny rows of diamond leaves while a ruby studded 3 dimensional flower added to the magic of the design. Ideal for the Red Carpet entry in a fish tail gown or even a simple sari in muted hues this was a piece to treasure.

Coils and swirls of gold were clustered together for this choker that had a pedalled line of rubies and a pear shaped pendant with a pearl drop to complete the very stylish modern design. The earrings reflected the choker design to make a perfect set. When diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls come together in an innovative design, the result was a 21st century offering of the perfect choker. A mix of paisleys, geometrics and prongs will surely create magic around every pretty neck with this choker.

Vidhi Chaudhary For Khurana Jewellers

For the bride who wants to be a memorable beauty, the elaborate choker-cum-collar that spread out on the delicate shoulders of the model was unsurpassed in magnificent splendour. The jadau polki creation with matching earrings and bangles was studded with rubies and emeralds to highlight the golden metal.

Vidhi Chaudhary For Khurana Jewellers


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