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Cinderella’s Plain Glass Slipper VS Christian Louboutin’s Clair de Lune footwear

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When the French writer Charles Perrault first told the story of Cinderella in 1697, a glass slipper was the ultimate in chic, and it remained so through the various retellings, the understated symbol of elegance. Going by the latest Clair de Lune capsule shoe collection from Christian Louboutin, the plain clear slipper would not do at all, thank you very much. The belle of the ball would now wear a colourful, sparkly, coloured Rhinestone studded shoe with a red sole. Yeah


To celebrate the Clair de Lune capsule collection, Christian Louboutin invited Katie Rodgers, the illustrator behind the site Paper Fashion, to create a series of hand painted watercolour illustrations and gifs. Directly referencing the collection’s inspiration, the artwork depicts Clair de Lune styles floating like brilliant comets against a shimmering moonlit sky, while crystals gleam and dance across the shoes.

A unique strass application using four sizes of crystals in 11 different colours, Clair de Lune draws the eye with the force of the moon’s gravitational pull. From the French phrase for “moonlight,” the hand applied strass emulates the effect of moonlight dancing over flowers in a field, conjuring feelings of whimsical flirtation and romance.

These stunners are available only select Louboutin boutiques around the world.

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