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India – Dalmia Bharat launches Craft Beton to create art with cement

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dalmia-bharatIn the hands of the artist, even the most unusual material transforms into pieces of art. With this view, Dalmia Bharat, the makers of dull construction cement, launched an art initiative Craft Beton last year, and gave the artists a few bags of cement to play with. Recently, an exhibition of its 2018 collection of art works was held at Bikaner House, New Delhi.The products on display were truly outstanding. Sundeep Kumar, Executive Director Corporate Affairs, and Communications- Dalmia Bharat, the man behind the initiative, was at the venue to gather the accolades.


The main artists behind the project Iti Tayagi and Somesh Singh, were present at the showcase and explained how they managed to make the cement cushions soft and table tops light-weight, or create porous blocks that could float in water. There were computer bags, and eyewear holders made of flexi material, all made of cement. From utility items, lights, fruit bowls, bangs,bookends, spice holders et al. Artist communities could do well with the support of corporate houses, and the effort and output was truly commendable. We particularly liked the Salvador Dali inspired clock. Good times ahead!



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