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Dawn of Reality

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TITLE:  Dawn of Reality: A Journey of Self-Discovery across Two Lifetimes with Meher Baba
GENRE: Spirituality / Self Help
AUTHOR: Vidya Yedavalli
PUBLISHER: Yogi Impressions
PAGES: 171

BOOK REVIEW by Kamakoty Krishnamoorthy (Kama),

The book “Dawn of Reality” (DOR) by Vidya has many facets. The reader has to be cognizant of spiritual laws or laws of spirit, and certain FAITH based concepts such as Reincarnation, rebirths, past life memories, laws of Karma and Sanskaras, importance of a Guru or Perfect Master and so on…

This reviewer himself has undergone personal mystical experiences and is also a follower of Meher Baba. So the review can be biased, because it is based on one’s own unique mystical or metaphysical experiences.I believe that the spiritual realm has its own divine laws which can parallel certain Laws of matter or material Science (classical and quantum mechanics).But unless one has real life experiences in the spiritual realm it is difficult to believe or vouch for the experiences related in Vidya’s book. Personally, I read the book twice so that my mind and heart were in synchronicity. I also used my intuition to feel the authenticity of the writing.

My conclusion is that I felt personally connected with the events described in the book and the messages conveyed by Baba through Vidya. The book DISCOURSES by Meher Baba is the 21st century Bible for the Art & Science of BEING, not becoming, in this tumultuous world. So Vidya’s book resonated with me in terms of a PRACTICAL approach to both material and spiritual life, in reference to Baba’s book DISCOURSES.

As the saying goes “Different strokes for different folks”. This is true for a book like DOR where each reader will respond or react differently based on their own past conditioning, life experiences and one’s own unique ego personality self.  Each individual’s “ego” is a net or cumulative byproduct of existing Sanskaras brought about by impressions or imprints created by their daily Action of one’s thoughts, words and deeds.  These three kinds of Action of every individual create weak, strong and powerful Sanskaras, respectively.

The reviewer recommends that the reader of DOR have an open mind, ask qualifying questions to the author, and also feel free to write down their personal impressions after reading the book. The book is a quick read and will need to be read again to feel the essence of Baba’s messages that are eternal to all humanity in any era.I feel very fortunate to have read the book and appreciate Vidya for taking the trouble to write this book because it is very personal.  Individuals on their spiritual path may find the book endearing and heart rendering. It will inspire others to look deep into themselves and be seekers of truth which is every individuals soul journey to attain SELF knowledge and the happiness of SELF Realization.

Kamakoty Krishnamoorthy (Kama) is an engineer from IIT Kharagpur, with a MBA degree from USA. His career straddles the corporate world, from Wall Street, to becoming an entrepreneur; from being a High-Technology Equity Analyst, to founding a first Financial Research Outsourcing firm. As a social entrepreneur, he has helped replace one lac kerosene lamps in villages of India with his work in the field of Solar Energy based LED lighting and mobile charging systems. Having attained the desired success, he retired at 43 years of age. His spiritual quests lead to him spending four years in the Himalayas. Kama now lives in Mumbai, practices Hatha yoga, Kriyayoga and Vipassana Meditation. He can be contacted at – kamakoty1@yahoo.com

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