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London – DeViehl crafts ‘”The Perfect Caviar Cup” for the connoisseur

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deviehl-londonAfter having made a mark with their hand crafted range of ‘Perfect Coffee Cups’, the creators and owners of DeViehl London, Andreas Bös and Jonathan Strauss have added a new dimension to their expertise with the ‘Perfect Caviar Cup’, crafted exclusively for holding caviar as the name suggests. The design of the cup allows for the caviar to retain its desired cool temperature for the longest. In order to get the design of the receptacle befitting the luxurious delicacy, DeViehl have worked closely with the specialists at Gourmet House Caviar, who have long been considered the number one supplier of rare caviar in the world. Understandably, people who appreciate this rare treat will also want to serve their caviar in a suitably luxurious cup – the idea that formed the very foundation of DeViehl shifting their latest designs away from coffee and towards caviar.


DeViehl has implemented the same technology perfected in their award winning coffee cups. The design not only allows you to serve the finest caviar in an attractive and alluring manner but also keep the delicacy at its optimum temperature at the same time. Insulated so that when filled with crushed ice it keeps the temperature cooler for longer, this new caviar cup design is also lower and wider than their famed coffee cups, the unique shape perfect for presentation as well as keeping the caviar evenly chilled and tasting its best.

Demonstrating their artisanal skill, the caviar is served on a hand-blown crystal tray which fits perfectly into the caviar cups. Each one is exclusively created by hand. A master painter decorates each caviar cup with individually hand painted depictions of sturgeons mid swim, in either gold or silver. The cups have been treated as a work of art, the artists imbuing every one with a unique personality that shines through at a single glance and which makes it clear that they are so much more than your standard caviar cup.  Decorated in either swirling red and gold or marine turquoise and silver, caviar cups are available either individually or as a set, together with Gourmet House’s most exclusive caviar.


DeViehl cups are available from Harrods and William & Son in London, Gourmet House Caviar as well as leading luxury department stores internationally.

For further information visit www.DEVIEHL.com or contact unique@deviehl.com


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