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Dior VIII Montaigne: Guess which shade of grey is the best

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According to Christian Dior, as quoted from his famous book ‘Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman’, grey is the “…most elegant neutral colour. It is a good colour for accessories too, everything goes with grey..” Naturally, Dior VIII Montaigne calls upon two new materials, steel and pink gold that Cocteau associated with Dieu (God) to make the work Dior. He loved the shade grey because it reminded him of his childhood home at Granville. He thought grey was ‘the softest of all colours’.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? That number 8 is special for Dior, going by the Dior VIII Montaigne, which hides a legacy in its name, even as it reveals the beautiful heritage. Here are the clues. The Company first opened on 8th October, 1946, at the fashionable Rue Montaigne in Paris, which happens to be in the 8th arrondissement. And the very first collection of watches was called the ‘En Huit’ collections.

The launch of the Dior VIII Montaigne is being celebrated with a short film signed by Patrick Demarchelier

The Dior VIII Montaigne unfolds all the finery of subtly revisited feminity and a couturier designed wardrobe; 32 and 36mm day models in its steel or two tone versions, a ‘jewel’ watch in a new 25mm diameter and evening models in a Gtand Bal version featuring a functional oscillation weight placed on top of the dial recalling the swirl of sun pleats. With their sharp design inspired by the emblematic Bar suit, they were conceived to be worn at any time, for any occasion.

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