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Switzerland/France – Dior’s new jewel version – La Mini D de Dior Lavender Jade

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January, 2015

For the very first time, La Mini D de Dior comes embellished with a lavender jade dial. The highly prized lavender jade from Burma is the finest quality jade in the market. Tender purple in color, homogenous and translucent without any veining, its natural vibrant color lets the light through.

But the La D de Dior Collection is also scattered with hidden details – Coquettish and precious, it is besotted with fashion, multiplying its straps in a wealth of materials and colours. Satin, lizard, leather or crocodile, ultra-classic black, vibrant green, purple, yellow or pink, every combination is possible when it’s about being beautiful.

Dior’s La D de Dior watch is meant to be a masculine watch with feminine elements. And this presumption was arrived at by Dior, based on the thought, “A woman who borrows the watch of a man so that she always thinks about him…”, which resulted in the watch line, La D de Dior, in 2003, inspired by the 70s and from the outset including jewellery-making materials such as gold, diamonds and ornamental stones.

It has kept the purity of its shapes from the masculine look designed by Victoire de Castellane but has been enriched by an assertive femininity. La D de Dior embodies the spirit of Dior Fine Jewellery and reconciles the jewellery-making expertise of sparkling snow settings and ornamental stone dials, as well as the creative audacity of teaming materials and colours with Swiss watchmaking know-how including, for some, the mechanical Elite movement by Zenith manufacture.

This year, this new jewel version conjugates time in the feminine tense. The La Mini D de Dior flirts with lovers of carats. With its tiny 19 mm diameter, here it is more coquettish than ever with a pink gold case set with diamonds on the bezel and a dial in lavender jade.

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