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India – Fabindia expands portfolio with personal care range FABESSENTIAL

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New Delhi,
January, 2022

Fabindia, which started out as furnishing and textile company making a mark for its naturally made traditional products, has introduced Fabessentials, an immersive personal care range of products, which includes skincare, haircare, body and bath, aromatherapy.

The Fabessential line uses plant-based natural ingredients, such as turmeric, vitamin E, saffron for facial care; cocoa butter, and sandalwood for body care. The brand offers a diverse range of delicately standardized products that are suitable for all skin types. Fabessentials products claim to be free of toxins and harmful chemicals and are made with authentic additives.

Founded in 1960, Fabindia went on to open its first retail store in Greater Kailash- New Delhi. The brand was recognized for its ethnic print cotton apparel. Currently their product range extends from a large variety of apparel for men, women, and children to home furnishings, furniture, gifts, jewelry, organic food, and personal care products. Bringing forth indigenous craftsmanship with contemporary designs, Fabindia carries a 61-year legacy, spanning 312 stores across the country and 12 international outlets. Fabindia links over 55,000 craft-based rural producers to urban markets, creating employment for artisans while preserving the country’s traditional handicrafts.

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