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India – Interesting Father’s Day gift range from Frazer & Haws

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Its time again for expressing appreciation to Pater as Father’s Day is round the corner. Frazer & Haws has come out with some very interesting gifting options for the Big Man.

Frazer and Haws

It is rather a dated concept to gift smoker’s club or bar related objects d’art to men. But Frazer & Haws is a two hundred year old brand from Bond Street, London. There is the wine decanter, curvy glass with silver cap. Or the silver tipped wine cork with a miniature stallion astride the top. There is the lovely ash tray with two silver tigers.

For the more intellectual type who likes a game of chess, is the chessboard with silver details, and a sliver of a silver book mark with butterfly details. The silver timepiece has a stag head mounted on a plaque. The silver box to hold playing cards has an interesting detail. Good one for Bridge weekends.

Frazer & Haws’s DNA is derived from House of Hennell in England, which was founded in the mid 18th Century, and has a string of interesting anecdotes from the past eras. The India division Frazer & Haws has Archana Kumari Singh as President. Over 200 Indian crafts persons belonging to sixth and seven generations of silversmiths and goldsmiths are constantly interacting with Hennell’s designers in London to bring out the best exclusive silver collectibles for the Indian market. The result is an eclectic mix of classic English design, wildly contemporary design and designs inspired by Indian tradition. So, a Ganpati sits comfortably, adjacent to a contemporary fruit bowl and a Laxmi to candelabra.

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