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Italy – Gucci commissions Thai artist for Le Marché Des Merveilles Jewelry Installations

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gucci-commissionsGucci has adopted a unique road to design its latest Le Marché des Merveilles collection of jewellery. Infused with a sense of romance and wonder, it explores the animal world by placing the feline head motif at center stage. To achieve this off-beat sensibility, Gucci commissioned Thai illustrator Phannapast  Taychamay thakool to create a book of imaginative fairy tales, inspired by the magical, wondrous and enchanted fairy stories of the past, brought up to date through the artist’s personal aesthetic.

It was Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele who discovered Phannapast on Instagram and invited him to contribute to the #GucciGramTian digital talents project in 2016.

le-marche-des-merveillesUsing Le Marché des Merveilles collection as a starting point, Phannapast illustrated a series of three fairy tales written by Aracha Cholitgul. The tales form three chapters of a story about a “Wonder Factory” where animals create the marvellous jewels of this line.

For a limited time, selected Gucci stores around the world will feature displays constructed to resemble mini theatres in which Phannapast’s illustrations will form scenes. The jewellery collection will also be showcased in these installations presenting the entire range, which includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and hand accessories in 18kt gold or sterling silver adorned with precious stones or colored enamels.


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