Home News India – Yum Cha lunch at Honk by Pullman Aerocity has 22 types of Dim Sum

India – Yum Cha lunch at Honk by Pullman Aerocity has 22 types of Dim Sum

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Honk, the Pan Asian signature restaurant at Pullman Aerocity is known for its street-style cuisine from South East Asia. Recently, the chefs at Honk have introduced Yum Cha Lunches, where one gets to try out 22 varieties of Steamed, Pan fried and Baked Dim Sums. Yum Cha, refers to meals made up of a large selection of bite-sized Chinese dishes which are served with tea. These dishes can be either sweet or savoury and includes buns, rolls, wraps, dumplings, veggies, and meat served in bamboo steamers, designed to be eaten communally and washed down with tea. The concept of Yum Cha is famous as a practice in Cantonese-speaking regions and other regions worldwide. The Honk Yum Cha lunches also include relishing soups, wok dishes served in a bowl, and homemade gelato. Of course, there is also on offer premium Asian teas and beverages like Shochu, Sake and Umeshu.

This culinary journey is showcased through the Honk Cart – traversing the major rice bowl regions including Thailand, Southern and Central China, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia & Burma. Travellers and locals often seek out good food from the many food carts that line the streets of Asia. The Al-fresco dining option gives this restaurant, an added edge as diners in winters who are looking for a more casual yet unique setting have a beautiful garden to walk and dine in.

What: Honk YumCha lunches
Where: Honk, Pullman New Delhi Aerocity
Price:Rs. 1899 + taxes per person
When: 12.30 p.m. – 3.30 pm
Reservations: Call 98716 66600 Or Email: h7559-fb1@accor.com

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