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How to Keep it Simple, Real and Clear

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belvedereThis could be the mantra for a stress free happy life, to keep it simple, real and clear; and Be Natural. This is what the luxury vodka brand, Belvedere Vodka is celebrating, its natural roots in the home of vodka, Poland. We particularly liked their Manifesto. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to find out.

What makes Belvedere an authority? For those who didn’t know, Belvedere Vodka was the first to generate a new standard for excellence in the vodka category and established the luxury vodka category, since its creation in 1993.

Belvedere is celebrating its roots with the release of the ‘Be Natural’ manifesto, setting out what being natural really means to Belvedere, alongside the launch of the Belvedere Spritz Collection made of100% natural and low-sugar cocktails.Transcending standard definitions of ‘natural’, Belvedere’s commitment goes beyond simply acting natural. The manifesto outlines ten tangible principles with a common message: keep it simple, real and clear.

Belvedere is crafted from just two ingredients – Dankowskie rye and artesian water –with no additives or enhancements. The recipe is in accordance with the Polish geographical appellation, which protects a 600-year vodka making tradition, and no sugar ever added.

Real ingredients taste better. Distilled from locally sourced raw ingredients from ten select farms, this meticulously cultivated, harvested and fermented rye is at the heart of Belvedere Vodka. Transformed by PolmosZyrardow and diluted with water from its own artesian wells near Zyrardow, Belvedere truly is a product of its environment. In addition, all of Belvedere’s flavored vodkas use 100% fresh and natural ingredients, which are picked from a bush or a tree and not from a lab.Claire Smith Warner, Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology at Belvedere Vodka said, “As we keep our vodka simple and naturally full of flavor, our drinks should follow a similar recipe. The Belvedere Spritz Collection is the best embodiment of this philosophy, all low in sugar, all refreshing and delicious.”


The Belvedere Spritz Collectionis a set of minimalist recipes prepared with a naturally flavored modifier, topped off with sparkling and tonic water, and finished with two fresh garnishes that offer an elevated cocktail experience.TheSpritz collection also showcasestwo locally inspired cocktails: the ‘Elaichi Spritz’ combines the cooling effect of Elaichi with sweet floral aromas of lemon. Similarly, the ‘TulsiSpritz’ combines holy basil leaves with fruity citrus notes of mandarin oranges, making it a great aperitif or a perfect meal accompaniment.


Belvedere Spritz signature cocktail

45 ml of Belvedere Pure Vodka
15 ml of Martini Bianco
2 slices of fresh Grapefruit
1 sprig of Thyme
Build in a Spritz/White Wine glass
Fill with ice and top with equal parts sparkling water and tonic water

spritzBelvedere Spritz cocktails with Indian natural ingredients

  1. Belvedere Elaichi Spritz
    45 ml Belvedere Pure Vodka
    15 ml Martini Bianco
    3 cracked green cardamom pods
    2 slices of lemon
    Build in Spritz/White Wine glass
    Fill with ice and top with sparkling water & tonic water
  2. Belvedere Tulsi Spritz
    45 ml Belvedere Pure Vodka
    15 ml Martini Rosso
    Sprig of Tulsi (Holy Basil)
    2 slices of orange
    Build in Spritz/White Wine glass
    Fill with ice and top with sparkling water & tonic water

*The Belvedere Spritz cocktails will be available across leading hotels &bars in India.

be-naturalBelvedere’s ‘BE NATURAL’ manifestoes

  1. We like to keep things simple: rye, water, character
  2. We respect our roots
  3. We support our agricultural partners
  4. We look after our environment. It’s the only one we have
  5. Our flavored vodkas are flavored with fruits from a tree, or a bush, not from artificial chemicals in a lab
  6. We don’t sugar coat
  7. We source local ingredients where possible
  8. We follow a minimalist recipe
  9. Drinking responsibly means sweetening responsibly too
  10. We will always be at the intersection where good food meets great cocktails

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