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Hyatt Centric Jumeriah Dubai

By Astha Kapoor
April 2022

In a city where revenge travel seekers and wanderlust enthusiasts arrive at the lounge on the sun-kissed beaches, Hyatt Centric Jumeriah Dubai is the most recently added launchpad for savvy millennial travellers.

Hyatt Centric Jumeriah DubaiI visited the city when the sun was still not quite a pinch, and the weather was conducive to a host of travel activities.  My fabulous host was the newly opened Hyatt Centric Jumeriah Dubai, with its unobtrusive architecture and bold tones of pop juxtaposed against the Middle Eastern-influenced designs.  This lifestyle boutique hotel is the right fit for the traveller who wishes to be in the middle of the action of this vibrant metropolis.

I couldn’t be more blessed to have the La Mer beach just meters from the hotel. Stretching along the sea, with a wonderful view of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline, the setting of the property was such that it looked out over the open sea, a rarity in Dubai. Timber walkways, palm tree boulevards with string lights dancing above the pastel-coloured beach shacks, bustling high- energy bars on the promenade, and quaint ice-cream parlours all just add to the charm of the place. There was an inherent dichotomy to the stay alongside the beach which made it perfect for a beach vacation. A lively party atmosphere in the backstreets, but in the evenings and mornings, before and after the music started, the overall ambience was incredibly calming.


La Mer beach


The newly opened hotel, to me, seemed to be narrating a vivid story. A story of passion and pop in its architecture as well as in its people. A story that served up interesting titbits and insider knowledge about the destination and its true essence. A local home, preparing me to explore and discover the magic of this bustling financial & fashion metropolis. It was quite easy to arrive at the location of the hotel on Jumeriah 1 Road, La Mer Beach. The 7-storied property was breathtaking, with a playful juxtaposition of colors, textures, and curated curiosities that started to brew the minute I stepped in.


Jumeriah, La Mer Beach


The still water of the sea was a sight to behold from the floor-to-ceiling windows and a treat for the eyes in the mornings. The unobtrusive lines of bold architecture and a colour palette that is predominantly interspersed with pops of turquoise and burnt oranges perfectly echoed the vibe of the vibrant city. Linens were crisp, and the European design aesthetic sophisticated and ultra-luxe. Unlike other hotels in Dubai that are melanges of sleek wood and toned-down neutrals, Hyatt Centric Dubai played with pop tones and an unabashed display of its Middle Eastern vibrant designs.


Hyatt Centric Dubai


As I was seeking traditional and authentic experiences, the hotel was a great access point for hidden gems at traditional souks in the neighbourhoods of Satwa, Bur Dubai, and Al Fahidi. Even the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall were just a 15-minute short drive. The scintillating evenings around Burj Khalifa with art, culture, and performances were nothing short of ostentatiously overwhelming. The whole vibe of the city had come alive.


Hyatt Centric Dubai


It would be incomplete if the exhilarating culinary experience was left unspoken of. The hotel’s dining outlet was casual, relaxing, and above all, a melange of food and beverage experiences celebrating the region’s dynamic flavours. The breakfast was an ode to meticulous planning of comfort foods, high-energy ingredients, and the freshest of flavours. From the power-packed Greek Granola with berries and traditional Middle Eastern Shakshuka’s to the legendary New York Eggs Benedict and abundant charcuterie boards, the breakfast was truly the king of meals I had.


Images of beach front


For me, the property was a complete standout, resplendent with every leisure experience and amenity a traveller can ask for from outdoor temperature-controlled pools to an eclectic open island bar alongside the shores of the open waters, a well-equipped fitness centre, and above all, the multilingual staff adorning wide smiles throughout the stay. In between all the exhilarating and cultural to-do’s that Dubai has to offer, I rested my head in peace at the Hyatt Centric Jumeirah Dubai, feeling like a welcome visitor, light-hearted, in-the-know, and adventurously spirited.

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