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Immunity for Good Health

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By Meher Castelino

How immune are you to the violent attacks of diseases and virus that seem to be all around us these days? This question is more vital and relevant now with the deadly Covid-19 that is creating havoc in the world with a death toll that is mounting daily. While thousands are victims to this deadly virus there are many who are cured with modern medicines and others seem to be better immune to the problem with natural and herbal solutions like Ayurveda which have been used for thousands of years in India.

“The Viruses and Bacteria were described in Ayurvedic Text 5000 years ago in the Chapter of Krimi in Charak Samhita,” says Dr Smita Naram, Founder, Ayushakti.

“As per Ancient Charak Samhita, they were micro, minute Krimi, which cannot be seen by the human eyes. Slesmak Krimi was the Krimi in the respiratory system causing cough, cold, breathlessness, fever and even death. These Krimis will enter the tissues, multiply and eat away the tissue. (Krimi=Parasites),” informs  Dr Smita Naram.

In Ancient Ayurveda there were 3 measures recommended, which are useful even today. They are:
1. Isolation! Isolation! Isolation!
2. Stay away from Kapha increasing foods, as these foods make the virus activity stronger. They are dairy, wheat and red meat.
3. Activate the immune system specially connected with the respiratory immune system so your own immune actively fights the viral attack.

Dr Hemang Parekh of Ayushakti gives some information that is easy to understand with the Ayurvedic and natural approach as well as some quick home remedies, which are easily available at home to improve immunity. He says, “It is observed that the virus starts with a dry cough, fever and then attacks the lungs. Here it is important to ensure that with strong immunity the virus does not reach the lungs where it could be fatal. In Ayurveda there are herbs that can help prevent this before it reaches the crucial stage.”

The Ayurvedic pill Swasvin D Vyro / Virofight has a combination of many active ingredients like, Guduchi extract that improves immunity strength by 180 times as per research. Being anti-inflammatory it reduces the irritation and cough caused in respiratory system due to various bacteria, virus, other pathogens and dust particles.

The very humble Pomegranate peel, which is often thrown away, is known for its antiviral qualities for flu, herpes, EBV. Some alkaloids extracted from Pomegranates are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral especially against influenza virus. Pomegranate peel is well known as immunomodulatory to respiratory system and gastric system.

Many may not be aware but Tulsi and Liquorice are used against respiratory and Virus. Researchers say that Indian liquorice can stop the binding of virus to the cells of respiratory tract, it can even stop replication of various viruses, which indicates Yashtimadhu can play a very important role if it is given as prophylaxis against viral infections. Tulsi and Liquorice are also anti-inflammatory, immunity booster, hence gives best results when used specially in respiratory system diseases.

Kalmegh (andrographis) is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, immuno-stimulatory and anti-oxidant agent. It is very effective against flu viruses and anti-viral and anti-bacterial activity and is one of the most effective herbs to use for viruses. Andrographis stimulates the proliferation of immune cells, which increases immunity, alleviates symptoms and shortens duration of infections. Research shows supplementing with andrographis helps significantly reduce symptoms of the common cold.

The other Ayurvedic remedy is Swasvin Asthaloc, which works as an expectorant and anti-inflammatory by decreasing mucus and heaviness in the lungs. This also helps in promoting digestion, decreases toxins, which removes blocks in the abdomen and respiratory tracts. Mucus is the main cause of lung problems, so the Ayurvedic proprietary Swasvin Kaphano syrup further clears the respiratory tract. The use of these three Ayurvedic remedies in combination can be helpful for better recovery.

In addition to these Ayurvedic medicines Dr Parekh suggests some useful, effective home remedies to further strengthen immunity. “During this period of enhancing immunity, it is advisable to avoid meat, fish, eggs and white sugar; as it can affect the immunity process.”

Here are a few home remedies that Dr Parekh suggests that can help the body to resist diseases and infection.

REMEDY 1 – Take 1 Tea Spoon of Turmeric (Kurkuma) (Haldi) Powder with warm water daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

REMEDY 2 – Add 2 glasses of water to 1 Pomegranate Peel and boil. Make a decoction and strain it in a cup. Add 1- teaspoon turmeric powder and add 1 teaspoon fresh ginger juice. Drink this throughout the day.


Take 15 fresh basil leaves
½ inch fresh ginger Powder
1 teaspoon Fennel Powder
2 black pepper corn
½ inch cinnamon stick
2 cups of water.
Jaggery optional as sweetener
Make the tea and drink it.

REMEDY 4 – Take  5 Basil (Tulsi) Leaves + 2.5 cm long Piece of Fresh Ginger – crush both and get the Juice from it (approx 1 to 2 tsp)  + Honey 1 tsp  + Black Pepper Powder ¼ tsp + ¼ tsp Kurkuma Powder

Take this mixture daily in the morning on empty stomach

Take one litre of water
Add one teaspoon of Cumin seeds
Add one teaspoon of Coriander seeds
Add one teaspoon of Fennel seeds
Boil and make a tea, which should be stored in a flask and had throughout the day.

“All the above remedies are easy to make as the ingredients are in the kitchen and the preparation does not take long,” adds Dr Parekh.

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