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India – New handcrafted beer ‘imagined in India’ – Bira 91

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An invitation to a beer tasting on a hot summer day is in itself a good thing. It turned out even better when I got to swig the fabulous new beer, Bira 91, being launched in India by Cerana Beverages. This here was good beer, notwithstanding the fact that I am partial to draught beer. I am not surprised that Bira 91 has already claimed the top position in the draught beer segment in Delhi. The Monkey Bar in New Delhi played host.

Bira 91 is the latest from the stables of Cerana Beverages, and comes in two variants; on tap as draught beer and in bottles, Bira 91 White and Bira 91 Blonde. The White is a wheat beer with low bitterness, a hint of citrus and a velvety, soft finish. It is made of Two Row Malted Barley and Wheat with Styrian Golding and Saaz hops. The Blonde is a hoppy craft lager with a malty, slightly bitter aftertaste and floral aromas with a low carbonated body. It comprises Two Row Malted Barley and Bitter hops for that extra freshness.

The man behind the enterprise, Ankur Jain, who is a‘Beer Evangelist’ and CEO of Cerana Beverages said, “This is the first beer that is ‘Imagined in India’ and brewed in Belgium. The beers are made from the finest ingredients from Bavaria, France, Himalayas and Belgium’’ He further went to explain, “The beer was conceptualized here in India and is truly the first indigenous handcrafted beer of our country. We’re trying to sell a beer that is delicious, fun, trendy and youthful.”

He is in plans to launch the beverage in 10 major cities across the country over 18 months. The cost is likely to be scaled down from INR 150 to less that INR 100 in the next few months.

Ankur Jain also revealed that soon Bira 91 will be exported to the United States, where it will be sold as an Indian beer.

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