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Top 15 trends at the India International Jewellery Week 2014

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It is great to see that Indian jewellery designers are coming into the limelight just like their counterparts – the garment creators. Since 2010 the India International Jewellery Week has ensured that jewellery brands get the best platform to showcase their talents and that India is seen as a creative design Hub and not only as a manufacturing destination.

The India International Jewellery Week 2014 held in Mumbai from July 14-17 was a glittering affair with 24 shows featuring 58 designers. Top brands like Gitanjali Group showed their various brands including the launch of a new one called “Viola Italia” which had contemporary patterns.

The Traditional Options

The traditional brands like Surya Golds, Moni Agarwal, Jewels by Preeti, Shobha Shringar, Apala by Sumit, Aks Jewels, Swarovski, Dipti-Amisha, Ganjam, Mahabir Jewellers, Golecha Jewels, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas and P C Jeweller stayed true to the traditional polki and uncut diamonds splattered with rubies, emeralds, and pearls.

Contemporary Look

Farah Khan, Laksh Pahuja, P N Gadgil, Saboo Fine Jewels, Emerald Jewel Industry India Ltd, KIK Jewells and Nazraana by Rio Tinto offered fine diamonds, in modern and international styles to suit the western dresser.

Concentrating on the bridal category since the season is just a few weeks away, except for Nazraana by Rio Tinto which offered budget diamond collections starting with Rs 5000 for the working woman as well as gifting; the other collections were opulent in looks and size.

Fresh Fashion

Graduates from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the three branches of the Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur, displayed a cross section of innovative jewellery designs, which established the fact that Indian jewellers are now able to offer mind blowing collections, which foreign buyers will find suitable for their markets. The Gen Next designers proved that the business was in the capable hands of future creators.

Grandeur In Metal And Stone

The overall finish, craftsmanship along with the blending and juxtaposing of the precious gems, the gold and antique silver were of a very high standard. Many of the designs were so awesome it was difficult to believe that they had been handcrafted. Numerous creations were grandeur personified with giant stones and very opulent styles that could be fit for royalty from any part of the globe.

Combining the Raani Haars with the chokers, or the chokers with long flowing bibs encrusted with precious gems gave the bridal look a breath-taking appearance which most brides dream of.

Trends To Watch Out For

The overall trends seen at the event revealed a bias to conventional heritage traditional designs but there were some adventurous options where the brands aimed at pushing the creative limits. Mixing yellow and white gold at times gave the wearer more choices, while the antique finish for gold and silver was a favourite of many brands.

1. Statement and cocktail rings in floral and abstract designs or shields for fingers. Tribal, bridal and couture ornaments worked on “Bigger the Better” ethos.
2. Ear cuffs, ear muffs, shields and multi strands looped over ear lobes give a new direction to ear ornaments
3. Add glitter for the legs, ankles, calves with gold, antique, silver and chunky anklets
4. Innovative pieces like armlet-cum-ring, the harness with armour plate or earring-cum-brooch may excite adventurous women.
5. Haath Phools return in all shapes, sizes and designs.
6. Armlets get special treatment with pearl detailing, tassels, and tribal motifs. Stylish glittering hand cuffs and Palm-cum-finger cuffs.
7. The lacy placket style for necklace and lapel décor with brooch and chain
8. Hair ornaments made news in traditional and modern designs
9. Fragile filigree designs worked very well for diamond and ruby bridal jewellery. Discreet pretty delicate styles for sets, bangles and rings.
10. Prongs and star burst designs were a favourite for most brands.
11. Tassels are the style statement of the season for necklaces, rings, armlets and earrings.
12. Origami shapes for jewellery create innovative forms. Geometrics make an abstract style statement.
13. Jewellery is connected from neck to shoulders and back.
14. Budget jewellery in fine diamonds makes an entry.
15. Uncut emeralds and rubies in their pure natural form added splendour to all varieties of diamonds.

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