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Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class

Executive mischief
Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class

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By Somnath Chatterjee
March 2021

Luxury is more about having an experience these days rather than acquiring a physical object and the cars that you see here are much more than the sum of their parts thanks to their driving manners. The Jaguar XE and the Mercedes C-Class are luxury cars for the young-at-heart who firmly believing in wearing their hearts on their sleeves. If you enjoy driving, then these two should be on your radar. Read on, as we will explain below.

Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class

Firstly, these two have a lot in common, in being delightfully edgy and aggressive. TheJaguar XE is no stiff upper-lipped Brit, as in this gorgeous shade of red it oozes a charisma not found in other cars. It embodies the Jaguar design value very well and does justice to the logo with a crouching stance along with sleek proportions. The Mercedes that we have here is decked up in AMG jewellery and it only makes this handsome sedan even better looking. It is low-slung of course like the Jaguar, and while having a menacing stance, is also sporting a mischievous grin. In terms of the insides, the Mercedes is all swoopy and nouveau rich in its pretentions, which bodes well with us while the Jaguar is a bit on the conservative side albeit with tasteful ornamentation.

Jaguar XE and Mercedes C-Class tail light

These cars however,are not built to sit in the backseat and discuss business deals or just for a casual cruise to the nearest golf club come Sunday morning. It is more about tearing the scenery apart and making you grin like a Cheshire cat after a drive. These two are rear-wheel drive machines and goad you to go faster while asking you to explore the limits more. The XE is the more tail-happy car and the engine has a delightful roar while the Mercedes trades that with added precision and outright grunt.

Jaguar Interior

The Mercedes sips diesel but even ardent self-confessed petrol-heads like me love this engine in the C300d AMG line. In other words, it is bloody fast and a riot in the corners with the torque from the diesel pushing you with added oomph. The Jag is a more layered and delicate machine with the heavier steering being telepathic and it is more in tune with having the serious business of having fun. The XE here has a turbo petrol, which tries its best not to behave like one with a surprisingly rev-happy nature. It also sounds nice as well, as mentioned earlier.

I could go on and on but the XE and the C-Class AMG line are sports sedans with driver focused cabins and look more interesting than sober suited executive barges. There is no winner or loser as the reason for doing this feature was not so prosaic. It’s about the business of having fun and being different from the norm. Both are great examples of that and are for the new-age Indian luxury car buyer. Amen to that!

Price as tested- Jaguar XE- Rs 48.5 lakh, Mercedes-Benz C300d AMG line- Rs 54.2 lakh (All prices ex-showroom)

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