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Journey of a Bag around the Globe

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Journey of a Bag around the Globe

On a quest for new emotional and artistic experiences, a bag constitutes a microcosm in itself, a small, secret and intimate world that the VIGNES woman of the world occasionally reveals when she decides to turn things – and her bag – inside out. A VIGNES bag has so many stories to tell, so many tales of travel, exoticism, adventure and conquest…Its lucky owner, a modern-day Amazonian, is content and firmly anchored in her femininity, embracing it fully with joy and lightness of heart. There are very powerful bonds binding a woman to her bag, and a link of identification. A VIGNES bag is a treasured and eminently feminine space. But make no mistake! We’re not talking about any bag and certainly not any woman!

The Saint Germain Clutch

A glass of Bordeaux for two, enjoyed on the corner of a zinc at La Palette, looking into each other’s eyes, followed by the ineffable joy of meeting up a painter friend for the opening of his exhibition at a gallery in rue de Seine. Then, a late dinner at Brasserie Lipp in this timeless and highly symbolic world of the literary and artistic soul of Saint Germain des Pres….

The clutch of Saint Germain VIGNES moves with elegance and feminine restraint in this district’s space that is its own, always at ease, and at its proper place. A beautiful rectangle of precious leather would seem, at first sight, to announce the crafting of a rigid and practical piece. Classic and essential, of course, but make no mistake: The hybridization of leather skins, a real part of the Maison VIGNES DNA, provides a ludic touch to this bag, handmade and beautifully crafted in France.

The rigor of crocodile leather softened by flexible bellows of cleverly coordinated Java Iguana leather, a crocodile strip emphasizes the top of the body of the bag, like a picture frame. The goat leather lining Krispati plays hide and seek, playfully letting you discover its beautiful amethyst hue, a VIGNES icon. Saint Germain, sometimes a diva, in its precious leather pouch, sometimes casually slung on your shoulder with a beautiful palladium chain, you will find it again, at nightfall, on a bike, in that café area.

The « Do » Bag By Vignes

A Tribute to primitive Arts. Enigma of a mask of Papua, ritual totems of Black Africa in the lofty firmament of starry skies, mysterious and huge statues of Easter Island … A trip back to the cradle of civilizations and peoples amid a vibrant, exuberant and powerful Nature, where wild animals roam in the heart of an African night…

Or a simple stroll to the « Arts Premiers » of quai Branly, and a pure and single musical note, far away, and yet so close, an original and primal sound at the beginning of the world and its creation. « Do » the lovely C note in French, sometimes high, sometimes low, drawing on crocodile leather as on a melodic staff, the joyful symphony of a bag like none other.

The back of crocodile is indeed a portion of precious skin that has been seldom used in Upper Leather. Anne and Bertrand Vignes launched anew a design challenge with the bag « Do », a tribute to this rebellious and unique skin, and to these civilizations they are particularly fond of. They conceived a classic bag in its appearance, but very «Rock & Roll» in mind, with these movements and dynamics imposed by the skin itself.

A beautiful square crocodile bag lights up the life of its natural rough patches of skin, on its edges. The center of the square, like as a raised design, tells great stories, such as those of an intrepid explorer, citizen of the world, who plays as a heroine of «Out of Africa» like an Ariadne and the thread of her moods and passions. « Do » always sets the tone, flawlessly, and perfectly illustrates this unusual and travelling universe of the House VIGNES

The Bag Saint Germain Vignes

In the heart of Saint Germain des Prés The heart of Saint Germain palpitates, the years have passed, but this area remains unchanged. Under the impassive gaze of the powerful lions of Place Saint Sulpice. Saint Germain embodies itself too in this mercurial strength, this free and rebellious spirit, this unspeakable joy of being at the center of a mythical place that has seen singing and dancing until dawn at the Red Rose or at Taboo, Juliette Greco, Boris Vian … it still remembers the insightful and playful Albert Cossery launched by visionary writer Henry Miller on holiday in Paris.

This is the story of a romantic encounter Boulevard Saint Germain, preceded by a subtle desire for something beautiful, something precious that wouldn’t be necessarily a gem. The meeting then took place at the VIGNES Shop, I discovered an exquisite bag, rigorous in appearance with this beautiful and precious leather rectangle, giving it immediately a formal and understated look…

Classicism destabilized by its extensible pockets of ostrich leather easing the geometry of the sides of this meticulous bag. It is called the St. Germain, in honor of the eponymous district. Its colors are those of the precious gems of a heavenly Jerusalem: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Onyx, Quartz and Diamond. Its interior leather of amethyst krispati goat invites to serenity and reflection. The small VIGNES talisman dances along a small chain its graceful and happy swing. Unpredictable, capricious and well educated, thus I met this tumultuous love. Its fate met mine, at Saint Germain, one morning… Saint Germain green crocodile & ostrich from 3500 €


A Speedy bag by Vignes. A few nights spent in Buenos Aires to run out in Cuevas Tangos following staccato rhythms. Dreaming of a genuine people, of a forgotten nation, joining then in the wake of the Mapuche Indians, drinking a mate in the name of friendship, painting with them geometric and colorful paintings, playing with children and sleeping under the stars…

Saying a kind goodbye, and then aim towards the South in the direction of Uruguay and Punta del. Este, a hasty departure with Gonzalez, a Speedy bag by VIGNES, always on the move, closed with a zip, and still dreaming of a well deserved halt, yet hard to find, on warm and colorful beaches, still speeding a hundred miles an hour.

Of python leather, this gorgeous rectangle with handles and interchangeable straps, fully plays the touch of color so suited to the VIGNES Universe. Gonzalez, a VIGNES bag for all circumstances, sometimes urban, sometimes Chic trekker, it is primarily a comfortable bag, wide enough to shelter your personal belongings, which will never feel cramped in this beautiful space giving free reign to your imagination and perception field. Whether it is small, medium or large, Gonzalez is this very roomy and practical bag. Keeping in mind the elegance and refined sophistication of the VIGNES creations, Hand Made & Made in France. Gonzalez – python version from 1400 €.

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