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India – Korean Cuisine at Hahn’s Kitchen in Gurgaon

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hans-kitchenIki Tada visited the Korean restaurant, Hahn’s Kitchen, located in One Horizon Centre in Gurgaon. Part of the Lite Bite Foods bouquet, the restaurant is run by the charming couple Hyong Yung Cho and her husband Patrick Hahn. Ms Tada returned a little more informed about the Korean Food Culture in India.

Here’s her report – I found myself learning how to make Gimjang or Kimjang, aKorean pickled vegetable dish made in winter. It involved digging up cabbages, which are then stored in an unheated shack, to be cut, brined and seasoned as part of this autumnal ritual. This ritualistic act is akin to making kimchi the very old-fashioned way. Insane quantities of chives, shredded daikon radish, green onions and a broth made from Kombu, dried Pollock and anchovies are mixed with the pungent sauce of fermented shrimp, fish sauce, salt and a crimson Korean red pepper called Gochugaru.


The colorful paste is then stuffed between the leaves of dozens of heads of brined Napa cabbage, buried in the ground and unearthed a month later. I was lucky enough to have this and other authentic concoctions, at the recently opened Korean food eatery – Hahn’s Kitchen in Gurgaon.



The place exudes warmth. The dark, earthy interiors lend it the Korean vibe. The copper tea pots, liquor bottles, honey pots and Korean paste packs are all part of the decoration, and give insights into the cultural customs and Korean lifestyle.


From traditional cuisine to progressive Korean food, Hahn’s Kitchen serves a mix of classic dishes. Here’s what we ate – the Gochujang Samgyupsal(A Korean dish of chargrilled pork belly with Gochujang Marinade), Bulgalbi (Meat marinated in the blend of ginger,Korean dark soy and garlic),Yangnyum Chicken( Lightly battered chicken in a sweet chilli sauce), Maneul Chicken(Garlic Chicken with honey olive oil Marinade),Busut Tangsuyuk(Sweet and sour crispy mushroom),Tangsuyuk(Sweet and crispy pork) Kansyo Saewoo, Crispy battered prawns in a fiery sweet and sour sauce) designed by Chef Mui Son of international repute.


The menu is well thought out and balances nutritional elements representing the five basic elements of the yin-yang. It is largely based on healthy food such as rice, vegetables and meats and is a paradise for meat lovers.


Korean food may certainly be the next big thing in the food sector. Hahn’s Kitchen provides wholesome experience to the authentic Korean food loyalists. Also, with its extensive menu options, it is all set to target the food enthusiasts who are seeking to try out new cuisines.

Location – One Horizon Centre, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon;

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