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Switzerland – Lindt’s new museum to house world’s Largest Chocolate Fountain

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Zurich, Switzerland
September 2020

Lindt Home of Chocolate The tourists to Switzerland have another highlight to add to their itinerary. Lindt, acclaimed as one of the oldest Swiss chocolatiers in the world- is all set to launch the ‘Home of Chocolate’ on 13th September 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland. This ‘Home of Chocolate’ museum is all of 65,000 sqft, spread across three floors of multifunctional space- dedicated only to the history and production of one of Switzerland’s most delectable exports.

The museum is conceptualized by Basel-based architects Christ & Gantenbein. Visitors on arrival will be welcomed to this fabulous world of confectionery, and the breathtaking sight of a nine meter tall chocolate fountain, at the entrance of the building. Located in Kilchberg, the space features a multimedia and interactive exhibition about the history of chocolate, the production process of a cocoa bean to a chocolate bar. The innovation lab will show a scale down of a production facility and innovative techniques used to make different and better products.

Lindt chocolate shop

The museum will also house the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, a Lindt café, and a Lindt Chocolateria for people who would like to make their personal chocolate creations.

A virtual tour of the facility


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