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Lorenzi – South African luxury icon with Italian DNA Padua to Johannesburg

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By Estelle Arielle Bouchet

The story of the luxury bag brand Lorenzi began 5 decades ago, when its founders, the Caon Family, immigrated from the beautiful art town of Padua-Italy to South Africa, bearing with them the artistic sensibilities, technical skills and creative know-how, to fulfil a dream.

Thence was sown the seed of brand Lorenzi, which was nurtured for five decades with hard work, talent and technical knowledge, going on to become an international leather craft brand, respected all over the world as a symbol of elegance and refinement.

The Lorenzi Bags, made of the excellent skins South Africa produces as Ostrich Leather, Crocodile, Buffalo, is really an asset in the luxury niche to which it belongs. A symbol of femininity and fantasy with a large choice of colours and leathers, Lorenzi bags are on par with the major luxury European brands in terms of Design, Quality, Savoir-Faire and Creativity.

For Luxury bags amateurs, a Lorenzi bag embodies a coming together of the best ingredients in the making of a legend, and thus becoming a wardrobe essential.



Since the founding of Lorenzi in 1962 in the heart of Johannesburg, Renzo Caon devoted himself to mastering the craftsmanship of leather handbags and accessories. Trained as an artisan in Italy in the late 50’s, the search for a better life post World War II in Europe led him to South Africa.

Lorenzi has always been a pioneer in product design and use of materials and in the late 60’s was already collaborating with tanners of ostrich skin to develop manufacturing techniques.

In the late 60’s the first of Lorenzi’s retail stores was opened in what was then Johannesburg’s trendiest shopping district – Eloff Street. This was another step forward in establishing the brand.

In the 70’s ostrich leg skin was introduced to the market and again Lorenzi was at the forefront in developing manufacturing techniques and processes. More stores were also added with openings in the infamous Carlton Centre and Sandton City.

The 80’s saw Lorenzi expand its offerings further with the introduction of buffalo hide. More importantly, it started to experiment with colours in all its skin offerings, so much so that today it has become notorious for the kaleidoscope of hues it offers its clientele. Each year Lorenzi launches new colour palletts for both its summer and winter ranges.



The turn of the millennium saw Lorenzi celebrate with the launch of the Millennium bag. Its structured elegance embodies everything Lorenzi stands for. This design epitomises elegance and refined craftsmanship and has remained in constant demand since its creation.

The 21st century has heralded a new era for this brand. A new logo design and brand image were launched in 2005 to cater for an ever more demanding and sophisticated clientele.

The year 2012 has dawned upon us and Lorenzi proudly celebrates 50 years of creativity. In honour of this achievement, Lorenzi has developed a commemorative ostrich leg clutch.Only 20 of these jewels have been created. The clutch includes a gorgeous clasp from the Parisian house of Fabrice, designed with 5 rings, each representing ten years of Lorenzi’s existence.

Lorenzi now looks to the future with the sole objective of continuing the tradition of fine craftsmanship and delivering to our discerning clientele a product of distinction

EAB Press & Image

Image Copyrights KLEIN KAROO-EAB Press & Image
Photography – Caleb Bjergfelt and Estelle Arielle Bouchet

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