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Maldives – Two luxury resorts in Malidves quarantined over Covid-19

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The dreaded Corona pandemic has even reached the lovely Maldives islands in the Indian Ocean, which are home to some of the priciest and finest luxury resorts. Four people across two separate luxury resorts have tested positive with the dreaded Corona virus, leading to a complete lock down of the island. Two staff members at the Kuredu Island Resort and Spa, on the northern reef of Lhaviyani Atoll have tested positive, while an Italian national staying at the Sandies Bathala Resort in A.A Atoll showed the symptoms. None of the guests or staff are allowed to leave the island. All flights in or out of the island have also been suspended. As per information provided by the hotel, “The island is well stocked with the essentials and we are confident in the care that will be provided to all.”

A government advisory has cautioned that all tourists and staff  to remain on the island and follow advice and guidance of the Maldives Health Protection Agency and the Ministry of Tourism.” The Tourism Minister for Maldives, Mr Ali Waheed has asked all people who had contact with the two infected patients to stay in self isolation, and all will be subject to monitoring for two weeks. A lockdown of the entire resort has been put in place as cautionary measure.

The two cases at the Sandies Bathala Resort in A.A Atoll, has also been locked down, bringing the number of cases in the Maldives up to four. The advisory from the authorities has put a ban on travelers from Italy and European countries, including those who may have gone within two weeks.

A false alarm led to the temporary shutting down of Maldives resort, Summer Island, when two persons showed the symptoms of Corona virus infection, This was however lifted after a negative test report.

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