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India – Manav Gangwani’s show at The Lodi for FDCI India Couture Week

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Manav GangwaniDesigner Manav Gangawani, presented his ornate couture collection on Day 2 of the India Couture Week 2917 organised by the Fashion Design Council of India, at The Lodi New Delhi.Titled ‘India@70’, the designer brought the spot light on different elements of the Indian heritage.

A hint at the scale of grandeur of the collection became evident as one descended the steps to the show area in the corridor beside the pool, where a pretty Italia Bentson interrupted the descent as she sat in the middle, resplendent in a red silk skirt with large lions patterned on the skirt, sipping Champagne.

The collection presented that evening was a line-up of 80 garments, each elaborate. Indian iconography and motifs were highlighted on the apparel.

gangwani show

The Kathakali dancer’s head, Ganesha’s, Goddesses, miniature paintings of the Mughal Era, dancers, elephants, peacocks on skirts, bodices, Meenakari to Patolas to Panthani elements of design from different regions like Kashmir reflecting Jamawars, Bandhanis of Rajasthan, Kathakali from Kerala and brocades of Varanasi, using embroidery techniques like Badla, Chikankari, Zardosi & Parsigara etc. MG has created every garment to perfection, in the bright colours of India such as Royal Blue, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Crimson red, Orange, Green. With each garment having an unusual and unique element, MG believes that through this collection he has showcased the best of what India has to offer.


Assorted silhouettes, mostly Indian saris, lehengas over hoops, Victorian gowns, long trails, trims and bells in fabrics like silk brocades, velvet, sheer gauze, tissue. Actress Disha Patani was the show stopper.

Here are a few images from the collection.

manav ganwani couture week

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