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Italy / India – Automobili Lamborghini celebrates Lamborghini Day in India

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lamThe Italian luxury car makers Automobili Lamborghini has much reason to celebrate, having reported a 51% increase in worldwide sales, as compared to last year, having delivered 5,750 units in 2018, versus 3,815 units in the previous years. Within India, in the decade of its presence here, Lamborghini has sold 200 units reportedly. Rather impressive figures, if you take into account the utter mismatch for a low-slung high-speed car on crowded roads, where the height of the speed bump is not regulated; nor the depth of the next pothole. Guess it is just pride of ownership, which is a great reason in itself.

In a celebratory mode, Automobili Lamborghini introduced its international platform, Lamborghini Day in India for the first time. This was celebrated in Jaipur over two days, from 23-24 February, 2019. The celebrations were attended by Lamborghini customers from across the country along with the global leadership team.


lamborgini-carStefano Domenicali, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Lamborghini, who specially arrived for the event, said, “We are delighted to be strengthening our relationship with the growing number of super car enthusiasts in India through Lamborghini Day. It has been a very exciting journey over the last decade for Lamborghini and during the last 2 to 3 years the super luxury segment in India has witnessed very encouraging and exciting trends. In India, while the market is relatively small, in terms of consumer preferences it is as evolved as any other part of the world. The luxury customer is used to bespoke experiences and no one can offer this better than Lamborghini. And while we create these unparalleled experiences for our customers, their safety is our utmost priority and we ensure that all safety measures are taken care of. From being the leader in the super sports car segment, to now leading the entire super luxury segment, Lamborghini has consistently grown in India and we will continue to exert our leadership in the coming years.”


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