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Italy – Panerai Launches New Digital Storytelling Platform “Pamcast” to Enhances Online Customer Experience

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June, 2020
Milan, Italy

The 160 year old luxury Italian watch manufacturer Panerai, founded by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy in 1860, is innovating to keep in step with new modes of commerce on digital platforms. On June 29th, Panerai unveiled its new project PAMCAST, an immersive odyssey through the Panerai universe.This collection of eight stories centers around Panerai’s heritage, product, innovations and features inspirational editorial content conceived to connect and engage its several communities.
The project is an unprecedented, game-changing entertainment platform for the watch industry, inspired by broadcast networks that equally target the evolution of new levels of expectation and strengthen brand advocacy.Configured as an editorial platform, PAMCAST will release meaningful,interactive stories on a weekly basis. The material transcends product descriptions, emphasizing the brand’s most inspirational facets and core values while providing useful advice that will enrich the lives of its audience.

The first brand story is “Italian colors”, which is inspired by the italian verve. This invigorating travel feature that includes details on the latest product hero: the Luminor Marina CarbotechTM (PAM01661). The Luminor Marina CarbotechTM is the first of the upcoming brand stories linked tonine watches to exclusively debut on the Panerai e-commerce site before be coming available at brick-and-mortar points of sale.

The immersive PAMCAST content will allow members to not only discover the historical context behind Panerai product, but also to embark on riveting virtual to some of the world’s most enticing destinations.


Jean-Marc Pontroué, Panerai CEO said, “The rapid evolution of the digital landscape has created many opportunities to strengthen client engagement. Our new online editorial platform, PAMCAST,will be a dazzling collection of inspirational content.Online browsing has become a prime interest for our customers.We are committed to tapping into the digital trend by pinpointing new ways to establish authentic connections with our audience through carefully crafted stories that resonate with clients’ needs while remaining true to our unique DNA and roots. Additionally, one of Panerai’s long-time core values is a willingness to accompany clients along their journey with the brand. We will continue to foster client relationships by leveraging a consistent experience across online and offline touch points, and simultaneously providing clients with multiple opportunities to connect with us”

PAMCAST content enables clients, newcomers and our communities to access engaging and quality content wherever they are. Readers will be able to stay up to date on the latest introductions, while also exploring trivia and secrets and virtually traveling back in time to the brand’s historical roots.The project revolves around four key thematic pillars (Lifestyle, Laboratorio di Idee,Entertainment and Brand’s Accessories) that reflect Panerai’s distinctive offerings.The content will be diverse, mobile-friendly and easily browsable across an array ofdigital interfaces (e-commerce, social media, CRM and Spotify branded account).
Founded in Florence in 1860 as a workshop, shop and school of watch-making,for many decades Panerai supplied the Italian Navy in general, and its specialist diving corps inparticular, with precision instruments.The designs developed by Panerai in that time, including the Luminor and Radiomir, were covered by the Military Secrets Act for many years and were launched on the international market only after the brand was acquired by the Richemont Group in 1997.Today Panerai develops and crafts its movements and watches at its Neuchâtel manufacture. The latter are a seamless melding of Italian design flair and history with Swiss horological expertise.

Panerai watches are sold across the world through an exclusive network of distributors and Panerai boutiques.

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