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India – Delightful performance by the Mozart Choir& Children of DSND at Austrian Embassy

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mozart-choir A delightful summer evening with a sterling musical performance by children and an appreciative audience, were the perfect components of a treat served up by the Cultural Forum of the Austrian Embassywith the concert ‘just be happy’ at the Residence of the Austrian Embassy. The Mozart Choir of India of the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi and the children of Deutsche Schule New Delhi performed the concert. Martina Ketterl, the conductor, had worked hard with the children, who put up a great show, with all the confidence of little maestros in the making. She was accompanied by Lydia Joan on the piano and percussions by Baahu Singh.There were also the little ones accompanying on bugles and
trumpets. The singing was divine.

The Mozart Choir of India of the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhiwas founded in 2006 at the initiative of the Austrian Embassy, the artistic director and president of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, Mr. Gerald Wirth, and the late Indian sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar. It aims, on one hand, to provide Indian children with state-of-the art austrian-cultural-forumtraining in Western classical music and choral singing in a joyful, creative environment. On the other hand, the Choir shall promote the Western musical tradition among wider Indian audiences through regular public performances.

The Mozart of India includes 30-40 girls and boys aged 8 to 14 years who are trained by a team of highly-qualified choir conductors. The study programme includes weekly choir rehearsals, workshops dedicated to specific topics and is complemented by fun activities such as Christmas and end-of-the-year parties and weekend music retreats. Of particular importance to the musical education of the children are regular public performances.

The Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi is particularly proud to associate with the world-famous Vienna Boys Choir, whose artistic director Mr. Gerald Wirth, acts as a consultant to the Mozart Choir of India, including regular visits and work with the children in Delhi.

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