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Italy / Germany – Prada and Adidas collaborate for limited-edition footwear line

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pradaIn a new market place where ‘luxury’ increasingly strives to connect with the mass markets, new associations are forging the way ahead. A classic blend is the coming together of the iconic Italian luxury fashion house Prada and the German sports brand Adidas, have collaborated for a line of sneakers, due to be launched by Christmas 2019. As reported on the website of Prada said, “This collaboration, based on an authentic fusion of fashion and sport, has generated an exclusive limited-edition collection of footwear for men and women that is entirely made in Italy by Prada.” Additionally Prada said, “The aim of this partnership is to investigate the realms of heritage, technology and innovation – and to challenge conventional wisdom through unexpected strategies.”

A joint passion for the universe of sport is at the heart of this creative partnership. The Luna Rossa sailing team, established in 1997 and heralding Prada’s participation in the America’s prada-adidasCup – the oldest trophy in sport and the most prestigious international sailing competition – is the perfect laboratory to test new materials and technology, and offers the ideal conditions to perfect the science of sailing.At its zenith, this collective effort will result in the release of the new Luna Rossa performance sailing footwear, to be unveiled in 2020.

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