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India – Royal Kitchens of Rampur at K3 at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity

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jw-marriotThere is always a curiosity about how the royals of yore dined. Bringing the focus on the cuisine cooked in the kitchens of the Nawabs of Rampur, JW Marriott, New Delhi Aerocity invited all  to‘Dine Like the Royals’ at their multi-cuisine restaurant K3. Chef Suroor Khan, supposedly from the lineage of the Khansamas or cooks who worked in the Nawabi kitchens of Rampur is specially invited for the 11 day celebrations for the ongoing grand feast from 16th – 26th March.

Royal Indian cuisine can get very heavy on the digestion with their strong spices and excessive use of oil, ghee, butter etc. However,”Rampuri cuisine is more delicate”, as Chef Suroor explained. Rampuri cuisine is defined by the characteristic use of dry spcies and khada masala in different combinations, and less use of animal fat and oil in general. Chef explained about the use of Ingredients like lotus stem, pineapple khus roots, jackfruit, figs in their dishes.

Not nearly as rich as traditional Mughlai food and not as subtle as Awadhi cusine, the ‘royal cuisine’ has distinguished itself through dishes such as ‘Mirchka Halwa’, Murg Sondha’ and ‘Tar Qorma’, all of which boast of flavours and fragrances unlike what one has experienced before.


The Chefs at K3 and the royal cooks from the land of the Nawabshave created a special menu for the dinner during the elaborate festival. Melt in the mouth kebabs, replete with flavour to start of the meal will flow into traditional dishes of chicken and mutton stew, Sabz Navrattan and Saans-e-Dum Pulao (Chicken).For the sweet ending, the desserts include a traditional Rampuri specialty called Gulatthi, which is fool proof. In the sense, how wrong can one get, when the ingredients are khoya and Milk.


In keeping with the modern trend of pairing food with a beverage, alcoholic or otherwise, several delicious drinks are present on the special menu for the patrons. Kinnaur Gold is a blend of fresh Apples juice and cinnamon. Visit our achartiniFacebook page to check out the full menu. AamRas is the mango drinks. Rampuri is an aromatic cocktail with the Rum being the main ingredients. Achartini is classic spirits with a taste of desi pickles, honey. Must try the Rampur Punch too.

The five – course dinner is crafted with care. The non-vegetarian entrées comprised mutton, chicken et all. The vegetarian fare is as interesting with Jackfruit pitching in for the game.

Do rush to get an insight.

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