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Sailing into Port Hercules – Monaco Yacht Show 2014

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By Anandarup Dutta

The idyllic sovereign city state of Monaco, set in the French Riviera, with beaches washed by the blue Mediterranean waters, is the perfect playground of the rich and famous. From the famed Grand Prix circuit to couture and cuisine, this little nook has a lot to offer, and one of the highlight events that occur every year is the annual Monaco Yacht Show (MYS).

The 24th edition of the MYS 2014, being held from the 24th to the 27th of September, promises to be nothing short of the grandiose extravaganza – an exclusive event which features top manufacturers of yachts from across the world, their regular patrons, and the new enthusiasts. Created in 1991, it is the ultimate luxury rendezvous for the international elite.

On docks, the MYS exhibits super yacht builders, brokerage houses, yacht designers, nautical suppliers, refit shipyards, luxury manufacturers and service providers, tenders or yachting federations and associations. Nearly 34,000 invitees and other attendees from around the world are expected. The Port Hercules will be the international hub of super yacht business for four days, during which hundreds of events, cocktail parties, press conferences and general entertainment will be organised on board the yachts or prestigious Monte Carlo hotels. This edition will feature 500 exhibitors, 115 super yachts on display, including 40 new and exclusive models for business and luxury clientele. The smallest yacht being featured in this event is 24 metres in length while the largest an unimaginable 91.5 metres.

Venue And Entry:

Port Hercules, Boulevard Albert 1er. Although most of the events and auctions are restricted to invitees and clientele, public passes are available for €150 a day (professional entry passes – €500 for four days).


The four day event is to be flagged off with an Inaugural Cocktail party on the night of the 23rd. The MYS award ceremony is to be held on this night to honour the outstanding achievements of the yachting industry, which of course means that it is a private event, restricted to invitees.

The MYS CC Lounge:

It is the prime attraction for yachters, features events meant for the Captains and Crew members of the super yachts anchored off Port Hercules. The lounge provides a lavish breakfast, group activities, spa treatments, courses on asceticism and meditation; workshop on healthy tanning, games (table football, billiards, video games), music and a reading corner. For trips outside the venue, there are two MINI Cooper countryman cars at their disposal.

Besides, WorldWine Services are hosting wine tastings and oenology workshops every day. The partners of the MYS C&C Lounge will also organise a prize draw, the prizes ranging from a two-night stay at H10 Hotel in the heart of Barcelona (by Marina Port Vell), trip to French vineyard “Château la Martinette” with a wine tasting and dinner (by WorldWine Services), a day at a golf club (by Ascoma Maritime), two fine vintage rums and the painting by a Puerto Rican artist.

Charitable Commitments

The MYS is a regular contributor to environmental and medical efforts of the Monaco government. Supporting the Association Monégasque contre les Myopathies (since 2001) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (since 2010), the MYS intends to defend ethical and human values, extending support to differently abled children from all sections of society.

What Can A Regular Luxury Tourist, Experience?

This show has much to offer for those interested in yachts and sailing. One can visit any of the yachts anchored off the shore for a guided tour and description – with everything from how to name a yacht, the history of yachting to the varying landscape of the industry across the world, including emerging markets like India and Brazil. Sailing activities and organised adventure sports, coupled with a stay at any of the top hotels dotting the shoreline; morning visits to massage therapists at any of the lounge spas, an evening display of fireworks over fine wine – very relaxing indeed. Also on offer are ecology workshops, wellness therapy sessions, hands-on yachting experience. Booking a stay at the MYS is possible through the official MYS website.

For those looking for a relaxing, yet intriguing getaway within the next few days, the MYS presents an ideal opportunity to explore a facet of the luxury travel sector that is often overlooked. And for those already sauntering down the Monaco shoreline, it would be akin to sinning, to miss the MYS.


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