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Germany/India – FÜRSTENBERG Introduces SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Tableware Collection

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The 270 year old German porcelain maker  Fűrstenberg has unveiled an opulent collection of tableware with designer Michael SiegerSIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG. The allure of pure black and white contrasts highlighted with the finest burnished gold results in an eye-catching and refined collection of tableware.


With MY CHINA!, designer Michael Sieger has worked with three basic shapes, cylindrical, coupe and conical. It is a precisely explored and well-balanced system of dimensions and forms. And, with CA’ D’ORO, the finest burnished gold, the collection attains the highest level of sophistication and beauty. The geometric interplay gives rise to classic stripes, squares, circles and other architectonic patterns.The vast collection comprises plates for dinner, service, pasta, breakfast; bowls of various sizes and styles; saucer universal, espresso cup and saucer; coffee cups and mugs; tea mugs and bowls; cappuccino cup; tea pot and strainer, tea strainer beaker, creamer, sugar box and oval plate.

The SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG brand is dedicated to all those who consciously present their lifestyle in a selective and individual way. People who appreciate the high culture of craftsmanship, the functionality and beauty of a design thought through to the last detail as well as precious materials.

The collection is brought to India by Sources Unlimited, which is the leading importer of branded furniture, lights and accessories. Headquartered in Mumbai, Sources Unlimited has exclusive tie-ups with various European manufacturers such as Giorgetti, Rimadesio, Turri, Longhi, Baxter, Promemoria, Sicis, Wall& Deco. Besides these brands, they have numerous other high-profile European design/Furniture houses associated with their network. The retail outlets are in Mumbai and Delhi.

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