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India – Singleton of Glen Ord Masterclass at Vogue Wedding Show at Taj Palace

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The single malt Scotch whisky Singleton of Glen Ord, hosted a bespoke evening in association with the Vogue Wedding Show at Taj Palace, New Delhi, on 7th August with Reserve Brand Ambassador Nicholas Ord playing host. The guests were introduced to the finest malt selections from the USL-Diageo portfolio, Nicholas curated an interactive masterclass that helped enthusiasts appreciate the Classic Malts and showcased some exotic cocktail concoctions.

Taking guests on a flavour trail, The Singleton Masterclass traced the legacy of the unique Singleton of Glen Ord 12 YO, a rich, well-balanced whisky that has a special appeal for the Asian palate. The malt conversation further dived into busting myths on how ‘Single Malt is not for cocktails’. Nicholas created an interesting mix of malt cocktails like the delicious Singleton Sour, The Singleton Maple-Smoked Rob Roy and Singleton Vanilla Julep with sweetened almond.

Interesting recipes combined with a tasting session of The Singleton and mixology tips on the finest must have blends at your wedding bar, etc., were few among many highlights at this delightful evening that prepped the audience for planning the perfect wedding bar/party.

The Singleton of Glen Ord™ is a well-balanced whisky, which has been matured in a combination of mainly American (Bourbon) oak and some European (sherry) casks, which are then brought together to produce a whisky of superior taste and quality. The whisky is stylishly packaged with a traditional 19th century-style blue glass flask, based on the design and glass making techniques prevalent at the turn of the 20th Century. The fish in the icon is a salmon leaping over a gate, and was chosen due to its associations with the pure natural waters of Scotland. In Celtic mythology the leaping salmon was a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

The Singleton of Glen Ord™ takes its supply from All’t Fionnaidh, the romantically named “White Burn”, itselffed by two mountain lochs, Nan Eun and NamBonnach. In English, they are the Loch of the Birds and the Loch of Smoke, signifying that the former is fed by rainwater, the latter by springs. You could say that The Singleton of Glen Ord™ is truly uisge beatha – in Gaelic “the water of life” – made as it is from the waters of heaven and earth. The distillery still malts all its own barley, which is locally sourced.

The Singleton ® of Glen Ord™ Single Malt Scotch Whisky is silky sweet and medium bodied with traces of ginger and biscuit and is best appreciated neat or over ice.

The Singleton of Glen Ord was launched in India about 4 years ago and this variant in particular because of its appeal to the Asian Palate. The distilleries are region specific and produce malts that appeal to a particular region. The Key Markets for the Singleton of Glen Ord are Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi with the price ranges as listed below.

Singleton of Glen Ord

12YO – 5800 INR 12YO – 4950 INR
15YO – 8600 INR 15YO – 9870 INR
18YO – 16800 INR 18YO – 14500 INR


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