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India – New etailer Snackstar to home-deliver goodies from around the world

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New Delhi,
December 2020

The past months of lockdown and quarantine have thrown up many new requirements, and the smart entrepreneurs have quickly spotted the window of opportunity. One such is the latest digital store  SNACKSTAR.IN, that is a one-stop-shop for snacks and goodies only. The USP of Snackstar is that they stock the entire range of non-alcoholic beverages, all the popular brands of candies, chocolates, snacks, either available locally or imported from USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East and other countries. The products such as Oreo Choco Brownie Cookies, Giant Bournville Buttons, McCoy’s Chilli Potato Crisps, Lotus Biscoff Spread, Chipotle Tobasco, Japanse Katsu Curry Pringles etc are available for shopping on the website and  are home delivered.  Orders can easily be placed via the brand’s website, or through smartphone app available on iOS. Customers can track their package’s dispatch, shipping, and delivery in real-time.

Snackstar was founded in June 2020, by Aryaman Vasant. With the lockdown in place and the cinema halls closed, the TV became the source of entertainment. People craved a movie hall experience and young entrepreneur Aryaman Vasant spotted the need to cater to the urge for snacking.  Speaking about his new enterprise, Aryaman Vasant said, “There were some teething troubles as we started in the middle of the pandemic, but we have been able to fine-tune our delivery network and other logistics.”  He further explained that it is possible for him to source the entire gamut of imported gourmet food stuffs for Snackstar.in, is because it aligns with his family business. His parents are importers of international food products for star hotels.

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