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Taiwan – Luxury Hotel Group links with The Crystal Resort, Sun Moon Lake

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luxury-hotelThe UK based Luxury Hotel Group has added the first Taiwanese hotel, The Crystal Resort, Sun Moon Lake to its portfolio. Located within walking distance of the Ita Thao Pier of Sun Moon Lake in central Taiwan, The Crystal Resort is Taiwan’s most picturesque natural tourist attractions. The name comes from the emerald green lake, which has a rounded main sections resembling the sun, with a thin crescent ‘moon’ around the outside. The lakeside path is dotted with temples and pavilions. Local attractions nearby include the octagonal, nine storey Ci En Pagoda, the grand Wen Wu Temple, and the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway, a cable car offering panoramic views of the landscape. Many visitors also take boats to nearby Dehua Village to learn about the culture of the Thao people living on the shores of Sun Moon Lake for over a century, who perform music and dance for visitors and sell handicrafts.

kai-chanCommenting on the collaboration, Executive Director Kai Chen said: “After our last contract expired, we were looking to find a new way to market our brand when we found Luxury Hotels Group. We’re excited to increase our hotel’s business and exposure through working with LHG in the months to come.” Bernadette Koltai, Luxury Hotels Group’s Vice President, said: “We’re delighted to partner with such a unique property and, in so doing, increase our presence in the Far East. A little like Taiwan itself, Crystal Resort Sun Moon Lake is an undiscovered gem, which makes it a great addition to our global portfolio of highly individual hotels”.

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