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India – Vivanta by Taj-Dwarka launches signature restaurant ‘Indus Express’

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The latest member from the Taj family in Delhi, Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka,recently launched its Indian food restaurant, ‘Indus Express’. True to its name, the cuisine was from the fertile region of the river Indus and its five tributaries, from Punjab, the land of vivacious folks who have a healthy respect for their food. While the state may have been divided by an international border, the culinary traditions remain alive as they were, on either side of the line. For the opening of the Indus Express, Taj invited the most elite Punjabi, the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala, Captain Amarinder Singh, who has also been the Chief Minister of the state. The king may have lost his kingdom to a democracy, but he still had his 200 year old recipes from the royal kitchens of Punjab, which he presented to the chefs at Indus Express. He also donned the Chef’s hat and joined in to whip up some royal delicacies.

The expert team of chefs crafted an elaborate menu for the evening that gave guests a taste from undivided Punjab with dishes like Khyber ki sardai, Sialkot Kadhai Jheenga, Dum murgh lahori, Pista khumani kofta, Gucchi aur gandane da saag. Indus Express is an attempt to celebrate the confluence and synthesis of the vintage and the modern, the authentic and the contemporary, tastes and palates, the veil and the dupatta, the handi and the kadhai, the masala and the flame. Indus Express brings to its guests the finest influences of Punjab, with hints of the bordering provinces of Khyber, Kashmir, Rajasthan and Sindh, bringing alive the Khyber Bazaar from Lahore, with Kebab concoctions and theLahori Gawal mandi, with hybrid innovations. Closer home, with the effervescent Tangri kabab and Lawrence Road de tawe de tikke, the restaurant spreads a warm whiff of the old lanes of Amristar. The unique architecture and concept of the restaurant brings alive the flavors from the era gone by with hand grounded masalas, grandma’s style of cooking, and the sheer joie de vivre that live tadka and phulkas on the table can impart.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Anil Malhotra, General Manager, Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka added, “Indus Express embodies the essence of pre independence Punjab taking us through a journey of flavours and ethos of authentic robust cuisine of rich heritage. Through the Five Rivers Concept, Chef’s Table and Al Fresco Dining options, guests will be able to choose a setting of their preference and come with us on a journey that traces the spirit of Indus and its tributaries. We look forward to welcoming guests to taste the forgotten flavours from our past.”

Sharing his excitement on the launch, Chef Elangovan Shanmugam, Executive Chef, Vivanta by Taj – Dwarka said, “The five rivers lend a regional character of cooking. Indus Express is a culinary ode to the five rivers and the contribution made by that region to global culinary map. The team has conceptualized a menu that will remind patrons of Pothovar – present day Peshawar and Pindi that gave the world tandoori and balti delicacies.”

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