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Italy / India – Renowned Italian brands Texturae and Karpeta launch in India

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karpetaThe Italian design aesthetics have made their mark. A majority of the leading luxury brands, whether fashion apparel and accessories, or home and interior products, or automobiles, were born in Italy. There are already 696 companies in India with Italian capital. On the 17th September, 2019, two renowned Italian companies, Texturae srl and Karpeta srl announced their entry into the Indian market, at a special event organized at Hotel Hyatt Regency in New Delhi, India, with the support of Italian Trade Commission Office in New Delhi. Texturae’s futuristic and fantastic wallpaper designs and Karpeta’s rugs have been viewed at leading design fares across Europe, and collaborated with the likes of Roche Bobois, Netuzzi, Vogue, Arflex, San Carlo, Devon&Devon.

The Italian Trade Commissioner, Mr Francesco Pensabene, introduced Daniele Morabito founder of the two companies, and Lorenzo Giacopelli, Sales Manager. He also shared data regarding the Indian market size, both for wallpaper and rugs categories, which suggest positive premises for favorable business opportunities: India’s import-oriented market for wallpaper products has an estimated size to reach €400 Million by 2024, growing at the rate of 28%. Such imports were worth €66.7 million for the calendar year 2018, posting an increase of 28.4%, compared to the previous year. Whereas, for the first four months of 2019 (Jan-Apr), India imported €23.7 million worth of wallpapers, posting an increase of 28.8%, compared to first four months of 2018. Moreover, the market size of India’s carpet sector, is estimated to be €2.5 billion by 2021 registering a yearly growth of 15%. Mr Pensabene pointed out in his presentation that Italy ranks 17th in terms of FDI stock in India. There are 518 companies in India with 50% Italian capital and 136 with 100% Italian ownership.


Mr Morabito spoke about the design sensibilities and plans for the Indian market. He said that Karpeta and lorenzo-giacopelliTexturae aspire to create a solid and long-term presence within the Indian market, offering the Indian private and business customer-base with customized design solutions that respond to every need. Based in southern Italy in Reggio Calabria, the activity of Texturae and Karpeta relies on a deep aesthetic research and focuses on the quality excellence of the products offered. He went on to add that in each of the collections, designers and artists can express their creativity with inspirations coming from their personal sensitivity, having the opportunity to work in small or large scale, experimenting with the use and combination of various production processes. All Texturae and Karpeta products reflect the principles and philosophy driving the brand: low environmental impact, use of high quality materials, and a skilled combination of traditional and avant-garde manufacturing techniques.


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