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The Silk Road Collection

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Chopard jewellery with Guo Pei’s Couture

silk-roadThe 18th century historical monument and the symbol of French ‘Art of Living’,Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild,was the most suitable venue for the Swiss watch and jewelry brand Chopard to team up with Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei’s fourth Couture Collection, to present a homage to Haute Couture. The grand era, that is not that far away, yet has been reinvented with the times.

Guo Pei created 33 looks in the most sincere reverence to the remaining innocence of that age. Industrialization and fast fashion drifted us away from the most beautiful crafts and that elegant gorgeous era. The designs, stripped of exaggeration, with less affection, combine the most delicate process and the most classic lines for the purest beauty of the craft to honor the peak age of Haute Couture. Using the most fashionable fabrics, Guo Pei created a classic line with delicate fabrics to enhance the feminine silhouette. Metallic textural luster and varying colours bring visual enrichment. The season, complex constructions and layering bring on illusional aspect yet emphasizing the freshness of the silhouette.


The designer’s signature style of combining embroidery and beading with craftsmanship was at the fore. Three dimensional embroideries combined with delicate ornaments from Chopard to enhance the rhythmical image of the collection.


Guo Pei worked closely with Caroline Scheufele, co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, to present their ideal vision of Couture and High jewelry. They first met in Paris in 2015, and found much in common in their taste as well as the pursuit of beauty and ultimate design and craftsmanship, which led them to imagine a four-hand collaboration.


The synchronized design process was a successful blend of Chinese and Western cultures and aesthetics, as well as the perfect fusion fashion and jewelry.


Caroline Scheufele has created an opulent collection of High Jewelry themed around a dreamy vision of Asia. ‘Through a joint runway show with GuoPei, and innovative and promising form of feminine solidarity is expressed: women are never as strong as when they combine their talents’, said Scheufele.


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