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Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection – rocking the 20’s again

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Tiffany’s Great Gatsby Collection – rocking the 20’s again

An iconic jewellery brand, a classic romantic novel and the heady 20’s era the ‘années folles’ – the mix is potent. And it is not surprising that even as Baz Luhrmann’s Jazz-age movie premiers across the world this month, Tiffany & Co’s Great Gatsby inspired collection of fine jewellery is all the rage. Almost hundred years hence, the parallels are quite close between the 1920s and the current times.

Carey Mulligan is just so perfect in her portrayal of the mercurial Daisy Buchanan, the flapper girl and makes the perfect muse for Tiffany’s inspirations in diamond, pearls and platinum. The Daisy hand ornament was recreated by Tiffany using a archival daisy motif studded with diamonds in platinum and accented with freshwater 2-7 mm cultured pearls. This elegant piece has 8.98 carat round brilliant diamonds. Tiffany has priced it at a modest $75,000. A flamboyant piece of jewellery, it is not for the faint of heart or for the lover of the understated.

Happily that does not apply to the Indian sub-continent, which celebrates jewellery like nowhere else. The Daisy hand ornament, which is quite close in design to the Indian bridal ornament, ‘haath phool’ will surely become the rage with the Indian bride. The Great Gatsby releases in India in the peak wedding season. And with popular Bollywood actor Amitabh Bacchan doing a cameo in the movie, it is bound to draw a larger than expected viewership in India.

The oh-so-glamorous Savoy headpiece, which Daisy teams with her hand piece when she goes to Gatsby’s party, a role brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio, is another 1920’s inspired Tiffany creations for the movie. This flat bandeau style tiara with a detachable brooch firmly fitted on Daisy’s head with a silk ribbon holding it in place as she casts flirtatious glances and turns on the dance floor, is exquisite in its beauty. It is made of a total 25.04 carat round brilliant diamonds and is priced at $220,000.

While the Savoy tiara is lovely in itself, the detachable brooch creates more options for the wearer. The Indian’s love for jewellery is a well known fact, and more so at the time of weddings, when the groom is as flamboyantly dressed as the bride, jewellery and all. Tiffany’s Savoy brooch makes for a perfect ‘Surpench’ or ‘Kalgi’, which is the turban pin adorning the headgear of an Indian groom. The market is huge for Tiffany’s exquisite creations.

The delicate Great Gatsby Collection Daisy Brooch, made of diamonds set on platinum, has a Tiffany .19 carat Yellow Diamond at the centre of the flower and white diamonds with a total weight of 5.78 carat. With a price tag of $50,000, it gets more desirable.

This amazing jazzy Sapphire Ring with diamonds arrayed in a star shape, all set on platinum is a stunner. The 3.65 carat custom cut sapphire and round brilliant diamonds weighing 2.09 carat, set in the Art-Deco style on this ring simply cry for attention. At $55,000 it appears a steal compared to the diamond flower ring from the same collection, described next. The 5.25 carat brilliant diamond sparkling in the centre, of colour grade E and clarity grade VS1, nothing less, and another 3.25 carat weight of pavé diamonds of the same quality set in the petals, it is worth a whoopee $875,000.

Tiffany & Co is a 176 year old jewellery brand that lived the era that F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby is set in. They became the natural choice for Baz Lurhmann and the movie’s costume designer Catherine Martin, who has also designed the Ziegfeld Collection in collaboration with Tiffany. The Ziegfeld collection is made in silver, and pearls and black onyx, and is more affordable. The name of this jewellery line is borrowed from the now extinct 1927 Ziegfeld Theatre in New York. This delicate Daisy locket is from the Ziegfeld collection.

Tiffany’s collaboration with a classic like Great Gatsby has put the spotlight on not only the jeweller, but the entire era, the 1920’s, and parallels are already being drawn between the current times, in 2013. Subtle changes, with changing economies and altering preferences may have happened, but a beautiful piece of jewellery is timeless in its appeal.

– Neelima Agrawal

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