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By Estelle Arielle Bouchet
For thousands of years, wood has always evoked fascination. The first medium that lent itself easily to embody dreams and imaginations of craftsmen, artisans, utilitarian uses – from Sarcophagi of ancient Egypt, to the early potteries, wood is everywhere.

Does not the sacred character of wood come from the tree it belongs to and thus appropriates its symbolic value?

In the Christian faith, was not Joseph a carpenter; a humble profession, but no less on a spiritual dimension.

A bowl made of olive wood from the French region of Provence embodies a value of peace and reconciliation.

No wonder that we attribute to wood talismanic virtues

This material, both noble and rustic, is at the heart of the artistic expression of all great civilizations, be it the pre-Columbian statuary or African Art totem or valuable rosewood furniture and marquetry from Louis XIV , or Mysore in India.

Wood gave birth to the expertise of the ébénisterie, the art of cabinet making.

The British artist Wendy Pickard, who is the founder of the jewellery brand “The Branch”, highlights the incomparable beauty of wood, combining it with stones such as malachite, coral, carnelian, turquoise or lapis lazuli.

Within this theme of “Spirit Safari “, it seemed only appropriate to lay emphasis on Wendy’s work, these authentic and large pieces of jewellery, which are reminiscent of the elegance of the African Maasai tribe.

The Branch collars, made up of intertwining circles of wood, invites us to a very feminine vision of the interpretation of this highly symbolic material.

It is not a coincidence that Wendy has among her clients, members of the British royal family.

The Branch, is definitely a brand to watch out for, and love without restraint, without forgetting to close my eyes to make a wish and touch wood

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Estelle Arielle Bouchet is an editor, a journalist and an internationally renowned journalist specialized in Art, costume, High-end Jewellery and Fashion. In these capacities, she collaborates with magazines as Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia, AD, World of Interiors, German Vogue, German ELLE. She is also the editor of « L’Orient, le Jour » (Lebanon). Read More…

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