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Italy – Zegna targets zero-waste production with commitment to #USETHEEXISTING

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The Italian luxury menswear brand Zegna emphasizes its commitment to a sustainable future by starting the drive to reuse all waste generated in the manufacturing process, to create new garments.

As per information shared with the media, the company founded in 1910 by Ermenegildo Zegna will follow the #USETHEEXISTING mind-set to revolutionize the supply chain and make the dream of zero waste possible.

When making a garment, Zegna realised that over 30% of materials are discarded. This was the birth of the #USETHEEXISTING project, which aims to use innovative processes to improve the usage of wool and technical fabrics from pre-existing sources, such as the discarded materials. This also includes recycling of garments made of recycled plastic bottles and bamboo fibres.

Alessandro Sartori, Artistic Director at Ermenegildo Zegna said, “At Zegna we are working on new generations of sources, valuing recycling as a new path to not waste any single material of the production chain. This is the principle behind the past collections and the future ones.”

Gildo Zegna, CEO said, “With the #USETHEEXISTING project, Zegna is today reinforcing its pledge in the sustainable journey which lasts since 1910.”

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