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India / France – Zoya goes to Paris Fashion Week with Rahul Mishra

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zoyaThe high-end jewellery brand from the House of Tata, Zoya is collaborating with designer Rahul Mishra for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020. As a prelude to the show on Saturday 28th September, at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, a sneak peek preview was held for the media at the Zoya boutique in South Extension, New Delhi, where models posed for the camera to showcase five signature looks, three of which are from Rahul Mishra’s S/S2020 collection, accessorised with Zoya’s iconic jewellery,

Zoya’s line of artistic collections, find inspiration from iconic cities, history, art, architecture, culture and fables. The muse is the Zoya woman in mind, someone who is aesthetically astute and very discerning. Events such as Paris Fashion week, and associations with designers like Rahul, who are also known for their authenticity and steadfast commitment to fine craftsmanship, are definitely of great interest to her, and thus to Zoya.


Revathi Kant, Chief Design Officer, Titan Company Limited said, “Both Zoya and Rahul Mishra are deeply creative labels and have a very contemporary design language. Zoya is redefining how fine jewellery is marketed in India just as Rahul has done for his brand. They have their heart in India and an eye on the world and apply best in class standards to product quality and craftsmanship. Just as Rahul is very particular about every weave, embroidery, silhouette and finishing, Zoya over the last decade has built a niche for itself with a reputation for the finest luxury products with impeccable craftsmanship and distinguished design. This is why each piece produced from Zoya is like a work of art, something truly worthy of cherishing.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Zoya Jewels for the runway presentation of our SS 2020 collection at the Paris Fashion Week. The exquisite and contemporary jewellery, suggesting vegetal references and raw floral elements sits beautifully with our clothes. Zoya’s jewellery extends from the same theme and compliments the looks by adding to them, a whole new dimension of modernity and charm,” said Rahul Mishra.


Speaking about his collection Rahul said, “The collection continues the narrative from our Paris Couture FW 2019/20 collection, Metropolis Part I.We have been ardently inspired by an incessantly growing metropolis. One zoya-whisperoften remarks at the growth of a city as how it must have changed since our previous visit, grown a little taller and wider, akin to a magnanimous organism that nourishes itself from its surroundings and germinates into maturity. It no longer seems like blocks of concrete but, instead a redefinition of the very idea of growth and life. Just as the skyscrapers grow vertically, nature finds its way to the surfaces of the man made behemoth infusing the necessary life into it. In those precious nooks and corners, sprout flowers that are visited by migrating birds as an attempt by the nature to preserve its ecosystem. With rigid man made structures shining against the sky, reflecting the sun in numerous hues, a metropolitan skyline is many things including the touchstone of human endeavours. The collection amalgamates our unending love for nature and the fascinating phenomenon of human dwellings. “

The contemporary cuts were complemented by Zoya’s rare range of jewellery from its iconic collections. The seasons of Kashmir inspire Zoya’s Whispers from the Valley, where rows of tulips, orchids of green apples, snow-capped peaks and trees of the iconic Chinar inspire a stunning range.  Zoya’s 6299 Hollywood Blvd. is inspired by different eras that capture the glamour of Hollywood’s most iconic eras; from the essence of flapper fashion of the 1920s to the art deco of the 1950s and the red carpet looks of the 2000s. Pieces from the contemporary Italy inspired collection PezzoD’Arte captured the timeless marvels of Italian architecture.


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