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India – Zoya’s latest Krsna collection with Bhagwat Gita on nano chip

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karsna-collectionThe latest jewelry collection, ‘Krsna’, from Zoya is an amazing case of technology meets tradition to enliven ancient wisdom, spirituality, craftsmanship and some more.The Exquisite Diamond Boutique from the House of Tata, launched its newest collection – ‘Krsna’ over a special evening in collaboration with Sunaina Anand, Director, Art Alive Gallery at Long champ, the rooftop venue at The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi. The selected soiree curated by Sunaina, juxtaposed distinctive art pieces and sculptures against an array of beautiful Krsna inspired jewelry by Zoya. The evening ended with a fantastic fusion performance of Ballet and Kathak.

Fusion was the underlying theme of the Krsna collection where technology and art and tradition have been fused together. The craft palette features the technique of painting enamel along with Champlevé enamel in the Meenakari tradition and partaj engraving along with polki in 24 carat kundan setting. Each technology spectrum entails intricate painting, first designed on a tablet with a stylus, computer aided manufacturing, rapid proto typing, gold casting and modern diamond setting, executed by master craftsmen at Zoya. The Krishna inspired colours of turquoise, varied hues of blue and emerald greens dominated. The statement pieces feature the picturesque images of the Crown of Krishna – the peacock feather, the matki, bansuri, iconic chariots, Govardhan Parvat; his adolescent years with Radha, Sudarshan Chakra and the Geeta Updesh; crafted in gorgeous enamel work with brilliant cuts.


Mr. C K Venkataraman, CEO – Jewellery Division, Titan Company Ltd, says, “Krsna is a very special collection for Zoya this season, due to the new techniques used in the craftsmanship of the jewellery. The compendium is an interesting work of art that combines heritage and style, exuding an eclectic fusion of traditional and modern aspects. The evening unveils a unique blend of fine jewellery pieces and showcases it through paintings that truly exemplify Zoya’s trademark unwavering attention to craftsmanship, art and design.”


Shares Sangeeta Dewan, Principal Designer, Zoya, “It has been a fantastic experience working on this collection. The theme itself is so inspiring and has a lot of potential for great design ideas to develop. We have also used rare techniques of painting enamel along with partaj to create exclusive, never seen before designs. This is truly a very unique collection in terms of design as well as its workmanship.”


Taking forward the ‘fusion’ factor, the culinary experts, lead by Chef Arun Sundararaj, Executive Chef, The Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi created a sumptuous menu and an innovative display of decorative edible jewelry replicating the designs of the Krsna collection.



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